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Contact or Wand Barcode Scanner

Contact or wand scanners are an economical choice for low volume scanning, such as in a library or smaller retailer. Wand scanners work by dragging the scanner across the barcode, sending data once it completes its pass. The optics in contact & wand scanners tend to be not as powerful as retail scanners, resulting in slower scans.

Which one do I need?

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Unitech MS120
Starting At: $85.00

Reliable wand scanning, great for libraries.

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Unitech AS10
Starting At: $40.00

Lightweight and very affordable contact scanning.

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ION Short Range
POS-X ION Short Range Starting At: $41.00
Unitech MS250 Starting At: $47.00
Unitech MS100 Starting At: $73.00
Unitech MS180 Starting At: $43.00
Unitech MS210 Starting At: $57.00
LGP 6125
Opticon LGP 6125 Starting At: $119.00
Opticon C37 Starting At: $65.00
V-Line Shooter Starting At: $59.00