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Symbol Barcode Scanner

Symbol Barcode Scanners, now a Motorola Solutions brand, remain among the most widely used and recognized handheld scanners in the world. Durability and readability are hallmarks of the Symbol Scanner line. From the legendary affordability of the handheld LS2208 and the retail-optimized LS9208 omi-directional scanner, to advanced industrial scanners like the LS3508, the Symbol brand continues to be the standard-bearer for high quality barcode scanning.

Symbol Retail Barcode Scanner
Symbol LS2208
100+ Starting at $159.00
A retail barcode scanner will handle the day-to-day rigors of most medium volume retail environments. Available with auto-sense stands, these scanners give you the option of both presentation scanning and handheld scanning in a single device. Although they are not as durable as rugged retail or industrial scanners, a retail barcode scanner will provide you many years of terrific service.

Symbol Economy Barcode Scanner
Symbol LS1203
100+ Starting at $136.00
Economy handheld scanners are best suited for light-to-medium scanning volumes and are generally not ruggedized for industrial use. These affordable scanners are a terrific fit for libraries, small office inventory management, retail boutiques, or anywhere you might not scan many barcodes in quick succession.

Symbol Rugged Retail Barcode Scanner
Symbol LS4208
100+ Starting at $224.00
Designed with high stakes environments in mind, a rugged retail scanner can withstand greater abuse than a standard retail scanner. Advanced optics allow these scanners to read dirty, damaged, or difficult to scan barcodes easily in a variety of lighting settings. Stronger build quality ensures these devices will hold up under most abuse. They are fantastic as secondary scanners in grocery or hardware stores, or as the main scanner in outdoor or rough retail environments.

Symbol 2D Area Imager
Symbol DS9808
Special Pricing Available!
Symbol DS6707
Special Pricing Available!
Symbol DS4308
100+ Starting at $250.00
Symbol DS3407
Special Pricing Available!
Symbol DS3408
Special Pricing Available!
2D area imagers offer greater functionality over standard barcode scanners. With the ability to scan 1D, 2D, stacked, or composite barcodes, even those on LCD screens, 2D imagers are an ideal choice for future-proofing data collection at your business. Certain models can also parse drivers license barcode data, excellent for error free customer information entry.

Symbol Hands Free Retail Scanner
Symbol LS7708
100+ Starting at $429.00
Hands-free retail scanners include fixed omni-directional and in-counter scanners designed to read fast-moving products in high volume retail environments, such as grocers or pharmacies. These scanners use rasterized laser patterns to get fast reads of 1D barcodes from any angle, speeding up the scanning process.

Symbol Cordless Barcode Scanner
Symbol LS3578
Special Pricing Available!
Symbol DS3578
Special Pricing Available!
Symbol DS6878
Special Pricing Available!
Symbol LS3478-ER
Special Pricing Available!
Symbol LS3478-FZ
Special Pricing Available!
Symbol DS3478
Special Pricing Available!
With a cordless barcode scanner, you gain additional freedom of movement not available with cabled handheld scanners. Available as 1D scanners or 2D imagers, these devices offer the same functionality as a cabled scanner, ensuring no loss in performance. Bluetooth radios in most of these scanners give you the added option of pairing to a smartphone, mobile computer, or laptop, providing advanced barcode scanning capabilities on the go.

Symbol Mobile Barcode Scanner
Symbol CS4070
100+ Starting at $432.00
A mobile barcode scanner pairs to your mobile computer, laptop, iPhone, Android phone, or other Bluetooth-equipped devices, giving you advanced scanning in a small and economical design. These scanners are fantastic choices for mobile POS, small inventory management, or any application where you need to scan barcodes but donīt necessarily want a complete cordless scanner package. POSMicro carries a wide variety of mobile barcode scanners from great manufacturers including Motorola, Unitech, CipherLab, and Socket.

Symbol Heavy Industrial Barcode Scanner
Symbol LS3408ER
Special Pricing Available!
Symbol LS3408-FZ
Special Pricing Available!
Heavy industrial barcode scanners are built to survive the harsh environments you see in warehouses, cold storage, or manufacturing. These scanners are reinforced to withstand large drops to concrete, wide temperature variation, and are usually sealed against water & dust damage. Advanced scanning technology, including long-range laser scanners, improve scanning in application-specific situations.

Symbol Other Barcode Scanners And Accessories
MiniScan Series
Symbol MiniScan Series
Special Pricing Available!
This includes scan engines and barcode scanner accessories, such as cables, cradles, and other equipment you need for getting your scanner set up.

Discontinued Models
The following models have been discontinued and are no longer carried by POSMicro.com. In some cases accessories may still be available. We will try to list replacement models in the product description when available.

Symbol: | LS3200ER | LS4000 | LS4004 | LS4006 | LS4008 | LS6000 | LS4074 | LS9100 | LS9203 | LS9208 | M2000 Cyclone Series | LS5800 | LS9208i | LS4278

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