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POSMicro Technical Support

Free POS phone support with every purchase.

For any POS Hardware purchased, POSMicro.com provides 1 year of free phone support. Our support staff is specially trained to help you get your equipment up and running smoothly, without the wait time associated with calling the manufacturer directly.

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Call 1-800-241-6264

POSMicro Support Hours: Monday - Friday 7:30 AM to 4 PM Pacific Time

For after hours questions or support, please contact us by email at sales@posmicro.com and we will get back to you when we are available.

Technical Support Terms & Conditions

Support Through Manufacturer

For all other hours, support must be handled through the manufacturer of your equipment. Manufacturer warranty and contact information is available here. If you are unable to locate the contact information for your manufacturer, please contact your sales representative during regular business hours for more information.

Comprehensive and extended warranties are available for select barcode scanners, receipt printers, and mobile computers. More information can be found here.

Dead-On-Arrival (DOA) Policy

POSMicro.com accepts returns on dead-on-arrival (DOA) equipment for up to 20 days* from the initial time of purchase.

If you feel that your equipment is DOA, please contact us at 1-800-241-6264.

Manufacturer Warranty and Contact Information

Manufacturer Contact Information Warranty Service**
3M Touch Systems www.3mtouch.com
(866) 407-6666
Chassis or desktop LCD touchscreen monitors: 3 years warranty

monitors: 1 year warranty
Touch controller and sensor: 5 years warranty
Aldelo www.aldelo.com
(209) 338-5481
30 day warranty

30 day 24/7 free technical support
American Power Conversion (APC) www.apc.com
(800) 555-2725
2 year warranty
Customer calls APC to receive RMA.

APG Cash Drawer www.cashdrawer.com
(763) 571-5000
2 year limited warranty
Series 4000 & 100: 3 years warranty (additional 2 years for registering product)

Avery Dennison (Formerly Monarch/Paxar) www.monarch.averydennison.com
(800) 543-6650 (#7)
Printers: 1 year limited depot level warranty
Thermal printheads: Prorated limited 6 months warranty or 1 million inches
Batteries and Cables: Prorated limited 3 months
Physical damage to batteries, cables and/or printheads is NOT COVERED under the limited warranty.

Bixolon www.bixolon.com

Cherry Electrical Products www.cherrycorp.com
(800) 510-1689
(630) 705-0900
(800) 567-0586
SPOS, LPOS, RC & MBOS Keyboards: 3 year warranty
All Other Keyboards: 2 year warranty
Warranty Service USA: Gremark Technologies
Warranty Service Canada: Grand Tech Services

Cipher Lab www.cipherlab.com

Standard: 1 year warranty
1000, 1090+, 1100, 1105, 1200 Scanner: 5 year warranty
1166 Bluetooth Scanner: 3 year warranty

Cisco www.cisco.com
(866) 606-1866
(800) 326-7114
(800) 553-2447
90 day limited warranty
Small Business Support
Home Support
Enterprise Support

Citizen www.citizen-systems.com
(800) 421-6516
Impact Printers (IDP3550/3551, CD-S500):
3 year warranty

Thermal Printers (CBM1000II, CT-S851, CT-S310, CT-S651, CT-S300): 3 year warranty

All Other Printers: 1 year warranty

Media, Printheads: No Warranty, No Returns

Mobile Printer Batteries: 6 months

Printer Mechanisms, Controller Boards, Spare Parts: 90 days

Code www.codecorp.com
(800) 495-2200
CR1400: 5 year warranty
CR3500: 2 year warranty

Cognitive Solutions www.cognitivetpg.com
(800) 732-8950 ext. 4
EZ-LP Printer: 1 year
A799 Printer: 3 year warranty
All Other Printers: 2 year warranty
Printheads: 6 months
Accessories: 1 month

Datacard Group www.datacard.com
(800) 328-3996
+44 1489555627
+852 2821 0121
1 year warranty
Customer Support - Americas
Customer Support - Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA)
Customer Support - Asia Pacific

Datalogic Mobility (PSC / Percon) www.mobile.datalogic.com
(800) 310-8300
(541) 743-4919
Datalogic Scanning (PSC / Percon) www.scanning.datalogic.com
(541) 349-8283
PowerScan: 2 year warranty
QuickScan 6000: 5 year warranty
Quick Scan 1000: 2 year warranty
Magellan 8300: 1 year warranty
Magellan 2300HS: 3 year warranty
IP products: 30 months
Decoders: 5 year warranty
Software: One incident resolved free, maintenance agreement required for subsequent software support.

Datamax O'Neil www.datamax-oneil.com
(800) 816-9649
Printers: 1 year warranty
Printheads, platten rollers, belts and cutters: 1 year or 1 million printing inches

Digi www.digi.com/support/
(877) 912-3444
(952) 912-3456
5 year warranty on hardware

Elo TouchSystems www.elotouch.com
(800) 557-1458
LCD Touch Monitor: 3 Year Warranty

Epson America www.pos.epson.com
(562) 276-1314 (US)
(905) 709-9475
1 or 2 year warranty depending on model type.
IR Units = Non-returnable, repair only.

HID (Previously Fargo) www.hidglobal.com
(800) 459-5636
1 Year Warranty

Honeywell www.honeywellaidc.com
(800) 782-4263
2011 Honeywell Warranty Listing
(Download for mobility & scanning warranty durations.)
HP www.hp.com
(800) 474-6836
Standard 3 year warranty with onsite service
Replacement options include second business day on-site service or next business day
3 year parts
3 year labor
Includes free 24/7 telephone support
Certain restrictions and exclusions apply
ICVerify www.firstdata.com
(800) 538-0651
(800) 666-5777
1 year warranty on hardware
30 days free support from day of registration
ID Tech www.idtechproducts.com
(714) 761-6368
Standard: 1 year warranty
MiniMag II: 2 year warranty
VersaKey (Not Programmable): 2 year warranty
VersaScan II: 2 year warranty
Econoscan II: 3 year warranty
Intellitrack, Inc. www.intellitrack.nt
(888) 583-3008
30 day warranty - must be requested through POSMicro
Intermec www.intermec.com
(800) 755-5505
Standard: 1 year warranty
Software: Provided on an "as is" basis only
Printheads: 90 days
Intermec Take-from-Stock Media: Returnable ONLY if original Intermec Case seal is unbroken
Intermec Custom Media: Not Returnable
Intuit (Quickbooks) www.intuit.com
(800) 558-9558
Ithaca Peripherals
(TransAct Technologies)
(607) 257-8901
Standard: 2 year warranty
Logic Controls www.logiccontrols.com
(516) 248-0400
Customer Displays: 3 year warranty
Cash Drawers: 2 year warranty
Magnetic Stripe Reader: 2 year warranty
Programmable Keyboards: 1 year warranty
Retail Hardened Computers: 3 year warranty
Touch Monitor: 3 year warranty
Thermal Printers: 3 year warranty
MagTek www.magtek.com
(651) 415-6800
1 year warranty
Contact POSMicro Customer Service
(Division of Honeywell)
(866) 460-8033
Standard: 2 year warranty from date of manufacture
Voyager Series: 5 years from date of manufacture
MS-7320 InVista and MS-7600 Series Horizon: 3 years from the date of manufacture
Stratos: 2 years from date of manufacture
Microsoft Dynamics RMS www.microsoft.com

(MMF Cash Drawers)
(800) 769-1954
Advantage Series: 5 year limited warranty (lifetime limited warranty if registered and validated within 30 days of purchase)

Heritage 15" Cash Drawer: 5 year limited warranty (lifetime limited warranty if registered and validated within 30 days of purchase)

MediaPLUS™, Heritage™ Series, CashierPlus Cash Drawers:
3 year warranty

VAL-u Line™: 2 year warranty
(Formerly Symbol)
(800) 653-5350
Standard: 1 year warranty unless otherwise stated
Scanners - CS Series: 90 day warranty
Scanners - LS1900, LS2200, LS4000i, DS4200, DS6700 Series: 5 year warranty
Scanners - LS9200 Series: 30 month warranty
Scanners - LS5700/5800: 2 year warranty
Scanners - M2000, DS6800 Series: 3 year warranty
Accessories, serialized: 90 day warranty
Accessories, unserialized: 30 day warranty
M-S Cash Drawer www.mscashdrawer.com
(800) 544-1749
2 year warranty
O'Neil Printers
(Now Datamax O'Neil)
(407) 523-5511
Printers & Printheads: 1 year warranty
Opticon www.opticonusa.com
(800) 636-0090 ext. 2127
Standard: 2 year warranty
Panasonic www.panasonic.com

Standard: 1 year warranty
Partner Tech www.partnertechcorp.com
(949) 598-1888
Standard: 1 year warranty
Pioneer POS www.pioneerpos.com
(888) 468-9757
(909) 468-9757
1 year depot warranty
POS-X www.pos-x.com
(360) 738-8433
All-In-One TouchPC: 3 year warranty
XI3200 BT, EVO-BS1, VLINE-BS1: 3 year warranty
XI3200: 5 year warranty
Cash Drawers: 3 year warranty
Customer Display: 3 year warranty
Magnetic Stripe Reader: 3 year warranty
XR210, EVO-RP1: 3 year warranty (2 year autocutter/print head)
XR520: 5 year warranty (2 year autocutter/print head)
Touchscreen Monitor: 3 year warranty
POS Computer: 3 year warranty
Fuzion: 1 year warranty
PrehKeyTec www.prehkeytec.com
(847) 438-4000
POS Models: 1 year warranty
Industrial Models: 3 year warranty
Printronix www.printronix.com
(714) 368-2686
Standard: 1 year warranty
SATO www.satoamerica.com
(704) 644-1650
Printers: 1 year warranty
Spare Parts: 1 year warranty

SATO Standard Guillotine Cutter: 1 year or 300,000 cuts
SATO Heavy Duty Rotary (HD) Cutter: 1 year or 500,000 cuts
SATO TG3 Series Integrated Cutter: 1 year or 1,000,000 cuts

Printheads & Platen Rollers:
1 year or 600,000 linear inches of printing (direct thermal)
1 year or 1,200,000 linear print inches (thermal transfer)
(whichever comes first)
Seagull Scientific www.seagullscientific.com
(425) 641-1408
Free Technical Support
Star Micronics www.starmicronics.com
(800) 782-7636
(732) 623-5500 x 107
Standard: 2 year warranty
TSP700II & TSP100ECO Series: 3 year warranty
SP700: 3 year warranty
TekLynx www.teklynx.com
(414) 837-4777
(414) 837-4800
Tellermate www.tellermate.com
(800) 835-6283
1 year warranty
Touch Dynamic www.touchdynamic.com
(888) 508-6824
TPG-Axiohm www.axiohm.com
(607) 274-2414
2 year warranty
TSC www.tscprinters.com
(909) 525-9779
Barcode Printer: 2 year warranty
Thermal Print Head: 1 year or 1 million inches
(whichever comes first)
Cutter: 1 year warranty
Unitech www.ute.com
(800) 861-8648
Standard: 1 year warranty unless otherwise stated
VeriFone www.verifone.com
(800) 834-9133
(800) 837-4366
13 month warranty from the date product is first shipped from VeriFone's facility
Zebra Card Printers
(formerly Eltron)
(877) 275-9327
Zebra Card Printers: 2 year warranty
Legacy Card Printers: 1 year warranty
Card Spare Parts Kit: 3 months
Card Printhead Spare Parts Kits: 12 months
Zebra Technologies www.zebra.com
(877) 275-9327
Printers: 1 year warranty
Printheads: 6 months
Batteries: 1 year warranty
Spare Parts: 3 months
Accessories: 1 month
POSMicro Hardware Support Terms & Conditions
  • POSMicro technical support only supports products purchased through POSMicro.com
  • In the case that POSMicro technical support is unable to resolve an issue, we will direct the customer to the product's manufacturer for support.
  • POSMicro endeavors to resolve each and every issue for our valued customers but it is not always possible to resolve every concern. We have the right to refuse support if customers are uncooperative, abusive, or if they have unrealistic expectations.
  • POSMicro technical support does not imply additional product warranty. Warranty & faulty product related issues beyond the standard dead-on-arrival period will be handled by the product manufacturer.
  • POSMicro technical support does not include backup and recovery practices.
Software Support Terms & Conditions
  • POS Software support only covers basic installation unless specified otherwise.
  • POSMicro standard technical support does not provide software training.
Amigo Software Support Terms & Conditions:
  • Standard Technical Support provides coverage for the following issues:
  • Installation of the system, if system is one purchased in its entirety on POSMicro.com
  • Hardware/software issues due to manufacturer defects
  • Software related issues not covered by user manuals
POSMicro Technical Support does not provide support for the following issues:
  • Hardware or software issues caused by physically damaged equipment, or any outside influence
  • Hardware/software issues caused by viruses, 3rd party software, or changes to the original manufacturer's specifications, including lost passwords & deleted files.

* DOA Period is from POSmicro Shipping Date unless otherwise specified.

** POSMicro strives to maintain the accuracy of the manufacturer warranty and contact information listing but at times manufacturers change warranty policies without warning. Check the POS product page for the most up to date warranty information.

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