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Intermec Sabre 1550C

Starting At: Please Call for Replacement Models
Intermec Sabre 1550C

A heavy-duty performer, the Sabre 1550C holds up to harsh industrial environments including rain, dust, vibrations, and temperature extremes with no performance degradation. With the ability to read high-density barcodes and choice of standard or long range scan engines, the Sabre 1550C is a smart investment.

The Sabre 1550 has been Discontinued. Please call for a recommended replacement.

Technical Specifications
    Additional Features:
  1. Lightweight at 6.5 Ounces
  2. Undecoded Output
  3. -22F to 122F Operating Temp
  4. Survives 6-Ft. Drops to Concrete
  5. 3-Year Warranty

File NameFile Type 
Sabre 1550C Data SheetPDFDownload Here

Standard Option
1550C0100Sabre 1550C Laser Scanner, Undecoded, Standard Range, Intermec Interface and Auto-Trigger (Scanner Only) (Part Number: 1550C0100)
1550C0102Sabre 1550C Laser Scanner, Undecoded, Long Range and Intermec Interface (Scanner Only) (Part Number: 1550C0102)
1550C0101Sabre 1550C Laser Scanner, Undecoded, Intermec Interface and Advanced Long Range (Scanner Only) (Part Number: 1550C0101)
1550C0500Sabre 1550C Laser Scanner, Undecoded, Standard Range and Standard Interface. (Scanner Only) (Part Number: 1550C0500)
1550C0502Sabre 1550C Laser Scanner, Undecoded, Long Range and Standard Interface. (Scanner Only) (Part Number: 1550C0502)
1550C0504Sabre 1550C Laser Scanner, Undecoded, High Visibility and Trigger. Standard Interface. (Scanner Only) (Part Number: 1550C0504)
069668Sabre 1550C Laser Scanner Kit, Undecoded, Standard Range, with 10-Pin Part# 068419 Cable. (Part Number: 069668)
DiscontinuedDiscontinued, Please Contact Your Sales Representative (Part Number: Discontinued)
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