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POS-X Xp8200

Starting At: $139.00
POS-X Xp8200
The POS-X Xp8200 Pole Display features the tools necessary for ease of use in virtually any point of sale environment. The VFD display firmware can easily be changed, allowing the Xp8200 to emulate Epson, CD-5220, UTC emulations and more, eliminating the hassle of configuring software to work with unkown firmware modes. With two adjustable height posts allowing for 5.5", 10.5", and 15.5" display heights, the POS-X Xp8200 Pole Display provides great versatility for your customer display needs.

Technical Specifications
Panel Dimension (WxDxH): 8.7" x 1.97" x 3.38"
Base Dimension: 8.5" x 4.17" x 1.38"
Total Height: 5.5", 10.5", or 15.5"
Viewing Angle Max: 90
Pitch Angle Max: 30
Rotation Angle Max: 360
Weight: 2.3 lb
Cable Length: 5

Interface: RS-232 Serial, USB
Power Consumption: 5V at 1A

Type: Vacuum Fluorescent Display
Display Pattern: 5 x 7 dot matrix
Brightness: 300-700 cd/m2
Character Type: 95 Alphanumeric and 32 International
Character Size: 0.207" x 0.366"
Character Number: 20 per row x 2 rows
Emulation Modes: Epson POS D101, AEDEX, UTC/S, UTC/P, ADM788, DSP800, CD5220, EMAX, Logic Control, LD-220

Operating Temperature: 32 to 114 F
Relative Humidity: 10% - 95% non-condensing

1 Year Limited

File NameFile Type 
USB DriverEXEDownload Here
Pole Display Configuration UtilityPDFDownload Here
XP8200 Data SheetPDFDownload Here

Standard Option
XP8200 Pole Display, RS-232 Serial Interface, Adjustable Height Base, Color: Black (Part Number: XP8200S)
Color: Black
Interface: Serial

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XP8200 Pole Display, USB Interface, Adjustable Height Base, Color: Black (Part Number: XP8200U)
Color: Black
Interface: USB

FREE ground shipping

Available on POSMicro Outlet in Open Box condition for $95.00

Available on Outlet
USB, Color:Black, XP8200 Pole Display, Black With Adjustable Height, USB Interface, CID:3715
(part number: XP8200U)
$139.00 $95.00 ON SALE!

Quantity: 1
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