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  CodeSoft Network Edition V9 Additional Seats, Adds 5 Users (Only for 10-, 25-, or 50-User Network Edition)

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The part number CS90NA5S is associated with the Teklynx CodeSoft 9.
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CodeSoft 9 General Downloads:

Teklynx CodeSoft 9 General Description:

CODESOFT 9 has been completely redesigned with an emphasis on interface design, usability, and ergonomics - making it the easiest to use for label design and printing in an enterprise environment. Whether you are connecting directly to a database or looking for advanced data manipulation CODESOFT is the most powerful option in the industry.

Additional Models

  Model Number Description Price
CS90NA5S Teklynx CodeSoft (RFID) Enterprise Edition V9 (Software and License)  
CS90NA5S Teklynx CodeSoft Network Edition V9, 3-User License  
CS90NA5S Teklynx CodeSoft Network Edition V9, 5-User License  
CS90NA5S CodeSoft Network Edition V9, 10-User License  
CS90NA5S Teklynx CodeSoft Network Edition V9, 25-User License  
CS90NA5S Teklynx CodeSoft Pro Edition V9, Keyless Licensing