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 by CognitiveTPG
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Qaliber Lite RP-D10

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Part Number: A756-K330

Description: Power Supply, [6-Pin, with Power Cord] for the A721

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The part number A756-K330 is associated with the CognitiveTPG A721.
For more information on the CognitiveTPG A721 click here.

Additional Models
Model NumberDescription
A721-5201/F301/320Receipt, Slip, Validation and Journal, Parallel, 1CDKO. Include Power Supply  
A721-7001-F301/320Receipt, Slip and Validation. Serial, 1CDKO, Include Power Supply  
A721-7011-F301/320Receipt, Slip and Validation, Serial, w/MICR printer, 1CDKO. Include Power Supply  
A721-7201-F301/320Receipt, Slip, Validation and Journal, Serial, 1CDKO, Include Power Supply  
A721-7211-F301/320Receipt, Slip, Validation and Journal, Serial, w/MICR Printer, 1CDKO, Include Power Supply.  
DiscontinuedDiscontinued, Please Contact Your Sales Representative  

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