by Symbol


  Trigger Switch, [Cable Assembly, Push Button] for the LS 1220


The part number 25-04950-01 is associated with the Symbol MiniScan Series.
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Additional Models

  Model Number Description Price
25-04950-01 MS-1207FZY, High Performance, 1D, Single Line Scanner, Multi-Interface, Serial RS232, USB, TTL, Medium Housing, [Scanner Only] $54.00
25-04950-01 MS-1207WA, Wide Angle, 1D Single Line Scanner, Multi Interface, Serial RS232, USB, TTL, Medium Housing, [Scanner Only] $54.00
25-04950-01 MS-2207, High Speed, 1D-2D, Single Line Raster, Multi-Interface, USB, TTL, RS232 Synapse, Medium Housing, [Scanner Only] $54.00
25-04950-01 MS-2207 Very High Density Housed Scan Engine, CL2, RAS, PDF, 1D, USB Interface and Synapse, [Scanner Only] $54.00
25-04950-01 MS-3207, High Speed, 1D, Omni-Directional Scanner, Multi-Interface, USB, TTL, Serial RS232 Synapse, Larger Housing, [Scanner Only] $54.00