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ID Tech POS Keyboard

ID Tech manufactures programmable keyboards optimized for retail and hospitality applications, including the VersaKey POS keyboard with on-board magnetic stripe reader. Like all ID Tech products, their programmable keyboards deliver reliability and flexibilty at an economical price.

ID Tech Alphanumeric Programmable Keyboard
VersaKey Programmable
ID Tech VersaKey Programmable
100+ Starting at $126.00
Alphanumeric programmable keyboards provide the functionality of a Point of Sale Keyboard in a layout that almost all employees will recognize. Besides the standard QWERTY key layout these keyboards offer POS relevant options like integrated magnetic card reader or touch pad to streamline the POS and reduce the need for extra equipment.

ID Tech Non Programmable Keyboard
ID Tech VersaKey
100+ Starting at $84.00
Non-Programmable Keyboards feature a high quality rugged design and optional peripherals such as integrated trackpads or magnetic stripe readers. The convenient integrated options present in some models can eliminate any need for a mouse or external card reader making these non-programmable keyboards ideal for kiosks, point of sale terminals or rack-mount stations.

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