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Unitech POS Keyboard

Sporting some of the most affordable, yet durable options on the market, Unitech POS Keyboards are built with point of sale in mind. Spill-resistance, programmability, integrated MSRs, and compact design are some primary features of Unitech POS Keyboards. Unitech also manufactures a line of keypads optimized for finacial applications.

Unitech Alphanumeric Programmable Keyboard
Unitech K2724
100+ Starting at $120.00
Unitech K2726
100+ Starting at $169.00
Unitech KP3700
100+ Starting at $149.00
Unitech KP3800
100+ Starting at $185.00
Unitech KP270
100+ Starting at $39.00
Unitech K2714
100+ Starting at $139.00
Alphanumeric programmable keyboards provide the functionality of a Point of Sale Keyboard in a layout that almost all employees will recognize. Besides the standard QWERTY key layout these keyboards offer POS relevant options like integrated magnetic card reader or touch pad to streamline the POS and reduce the need for extra equipment.

Unitech Number Pad
Unitech K22
100+ Starting at $38.00
Number pads feature some programmable keys and are best suited for locations needing a conduit for data entry with a minimal footprint. Usually number pads offer additional functionality to a larger system but with their programmable keys they can also stand alone as the sole point of system data entry.

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