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Teklynx Label Matrix

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Teklynx Label Matrix
TekLynx Label Matrix provides an easy to use solution for smaller businesses wanting custom labels for shipping, inventory control, or product identification. Label Matrix comes as a standalone or as a multi-user, networked edition, allowing you to pick the version that best meets your needs. With support for database connetions, RFID encoding, and color labeling, TekLynx LabelMatrix is a great way to make your product labels stand out from the competition.

An intuitive label designer uses wizards for creating and modifying label objects, cutting down both on training time and label creation time. Bundle save features save all external design elements with the label file, adding portability to your label design. With support for over 2,100 label printers as well as any Windows-based printer, TekLynx Label Matrix is a smart label creation solution for any growing business.

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Technical Specifications
Product Breakdown:
Label Matrix QuickDraw: QuickDraw is a standalone label creation application, giving you an incredibly affordable means to create customized labels at your business. Access database connectivity gives you the ability to bulk print product or shelving labels, speeding up the labeling process. With easy to use object creation wizards and support for color label printing, LabelMatrix QuickDraw offers tremendous functionality at an unbeatable price.
Label Matrix PowerPro: Label Matrix PowerPro builds on QuickDraw, giving you greater functionality and flexibility in label creation. The software supports over 2,100 direct thermal and thermal transfer label printers, speeding up the printing process dramatically. PowerPro can also be networked to other PCs, making it easy to decentralize label creation. Database connections can be managed through ODBC/OLE DB, and PowerPro gives you the option of filtering data with SQL, ensuring you print only the labels and data you want.

File NameFile Type 
Label Matrix ManualPDFDownload Here
Label Matrix Key FeaturesPDFDownload Here

Standard Option
LM14QDLabel Matrix 2014 QuickDraw, Single User (Part Number: LM14QD)
LM14PPLabel Matrix 2014 PowerPro, Single User (Part Number: LM14PP)

FREE ground shipping
LM14PP3Label Matrix 2014 PowerPro Network, 3-User (Part Number: LM14PP3)

FREE ground shipping
LM14PP5Label Matrix 2014 PowerPro Network, 5-User (Part Number: LM14PP5)

FREE ground shipping
LM14PP10Label Matrix 2014 PowerPro Network, 10-User (Part Number: LM14PP10)

FREE ground shipping
Additional Models
LM8QDLabel Matrix QuickDraw V8, Single User (North American Version) (Part Number: LM8QD)
LM12QDLabel Matrix 2012 Quick Draw, Single User (Part Number: LM12QD)
LM14PPPKLabel Matrix 2014 PowerPro PrintPack, Only Allows Printing (Part Number: LM14PPPK)

FREE ground shipping
LM12PPSLabel Matrix 2012 Power Pro, Single User (Subscription License) (Part Number: LM12PPS)

FREE ground shipping
LM12PPLabel Matrix 2012 Power Pro, Single User (Part Number: LM12PP)

FREE ground shipping
LM8PPBLabel Matrix PowerPro Single User, Physical Copy (Part Number: LM8PPB)

FREE ground shipping
LM12PP3Label Matrix 2012 Power Pro Network Edition, 3 Users (Part Number: LM12PP3)

FREE ground shipping
LM8PP3Teklynx Label Matrix PowerPro V8 Network - 3-User Edition (Part Number: LM8PP3)

FREE ground shipping
LM12PP5Label Matrix 2012 Power Pro Network Edition, 5 Users (Part Number: LM12PP5)

FREE ground shipping
LM8PP5Teklynx Label Matrix PowerPro V8 Network - 5-User Edition (Part Number: LM8PP5)

FREE ground shipping
LM12PP10Label Matrix 2012 Power Pro Network Edition, 10 Users (Part Number: LM12PP10)

FREE ground shipping
LM14PP25Label Matrix 2014 PowerPro Network, 25-User (Part Number: LM14PP25)

FREE ground shipping
LM8PP50Label Matrix PowerPro V8 Network 50-User Edition (Part Number: LM8PP50)

FREE ground shipping
LM14PP50Label Matrix 2014 PowerPro Network, 50-User (Part Number: LM14PP50)

FREE ground shipping
LMTRMNLLabel Matrix V8 Training Manuals, Basic and Advanced (Part Number: LMTRMNL)
PLMADD01Pocket Label Matrix Add-On, Single License (Part Number: PLMADD01)
LM12PPPKLabel Matrix 2012 Power Pro Print Pack (Printing Only) (Part Number: LM12PPPK)

FREE ground shipping
PLMADD05Pocket Label Matrix Add-On, 5 Licenses (Part Number: PLMADD05)

FREE ground shipping
LM14PP5ALabel Matrix 2014 PowerPro Network, 5 Additional Users (Part Number: LM14PP5A)

FREE ground shipping
LM8PP5ALabel Matrix PowerPro Network Edition, Additional 5 Users (Part Number: LM8PP5A)

FREE ground shipping
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