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Motorola Symbol PD4750

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Motorola Symbol PD4750
The Motorola PD4750 Payment Terminal provides secure, high performance signature capture to speed the checkout process. With debit, credit, smart card, and even contactless payment support, the PD4750 is a versatile and flexible addition to any location. The 16-shade grayscale touchscreen display allows for not only signature capture, but can display crisp on-screen graphics for advertising.

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Standard Option
PD4750-4M0000RPD4750 Payment Terminal, USB, RS-232 Interfaces, No RFID, No Smartcard Reader, No Ethernet Interface, Color: Black (Part Number: PD4750-4M0000R)

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PD4750-4MRSE0PD4750 Payment Terminal, USB, RS-232, Ethernet Interfaces, RFID, Smartcard Reader, Color: Black (Part Number: PD4750-4MRSE0)

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