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Star Receipt Printer

The Star Micronics Receipt Printer line consists of high-performance thermal and impact dot matrix models for the retail, restaurant and hospitality sectors. Star Printers support a variety of connectivity options including USB, Ethernet and wireless and offer a 3-Year parts warranty from the date of purchase.

Star Micronics Thermal Receipt Printer
Star Micronics TSP100ECO
100+ Starting at $235.00
TSP800 Series
Star Micronics TSP800 Series
100+ Starting at $470.00
TSP1000 Series
Star Micronics TSP1000 Series
100+ Starting at $525.00
Star Micronics TSP100
100+ Starting at $218.00
TSP700II Series
Star Micronics TSP700II Series
100+ Starting at $319.00
With a thermal receipt printer, you get near silent, remarkably fast printing. These printers use heat on special paper to create text and images, cutting down on the media you need to purchase. We carry a wide variety of thermal printers, ensuring there is one that meets your business´s needs and budget.

Star Micronics Portable Receipt Printer
Star Micronics SM-S300
100+ Starting at $434.00
Star Micronics SM-T400i
100+ Starting at $736.00
Star Micronics SM-S220i
100+ Starting at $366.00
A portable receipt printer empowers mobile sales forces and improves customer service in busy retail and restaurant locations by offering wireless transaction processing outdoors, at the table, in the field or anywhere a host POS system is not. Because battery life for mobile receipt printers vary from 2 to 20 hours among manufacturers, as does durability and warranty.

Star Micronics Impact Receipt Printer
SP500 Series
Star Micronics SP500 Series
100+ Starting at $205.00
Star Micronics SP298
100+ Starting at $252.00
DP8340 Series
Star Micronics DP8340 Series
100+ Starting at $324.00
Star Micronics SP700
100+ Starting at $222.00
Impact receipt printers use a dot-matrix print head and ink ribbon to print text onto plain paper. This print style allows for easy print duplicates like you would see with credit slips. Printouts are more resistant to the elements, making these printers a great choice for kitchens, dry cleaners, or any business where temperature and humidity could make thermal receipts difficult to read. Impact printers also can be used for slip printing and check validation.

Star Micronics Multi-Function Receipt Printer
Star Micronics HSP7000
100+ Starting at $600.00
Multi-function receipt printers combine different printing styles into a single device, saving you space at your POS station. Usually a combination of thermal printer and slip printer, check validator, check reader, or franker, multi-function printers are great for grocers, banks, or any business that may take multiple forms of payment, including checks.

Star Micronics Receipt Paper
Receipt Paper
Star Micronics Receipt Paper
Purchase receipt paper by the roll or by the case. There are two types of receipt paper on the market today: thermal receipt paper and plain receipt paper. Thermal paper is for use in receipt printers that use heat driven or thermal printing while plain receipt paper is best for any printer where the media is transferred to the paper. Dot matrix, impact and inkjet printers are examples of printers that transfer ink onto the receipt paper itself without the use of heat. Consult your receipt printer manual for the correct paper type for your printer.

Star Micronics Receipt Printer Ribbon
Star Micronics Ribbon
Printer ribbons for impact printers are available for Epson, Star, Ithaca, Citizen, and more in a variety of colors. You can locate the necessary printer ribbon part number in your receipt printer user manual or sometimes on the used receipt roll itself. Alternatively you can call our sales specialists for help locating the correct Printer ribbon.

Star Micronics Receipt Printer Accessory
Printer Part and Accessory
Star Micronics Printer Part and Accessory
POSMicro carries cables, paper, replacement printheads and other accessories for all our receipt printers at everyday low prices. If you just can’t seem to locate that particular odd sized paper adapter or that replacement cutter that went out of stock three years past give one of our sales specialists a call for assistance.

Discontinued Models
The following models have been discontinued and are no longer carried by POSMicro.com. In some cases accessories may still be available. We will try to list replacement models in the product description when available.

Star Micronics: | SP200 Series | SP2000 Series | Star SP300 Series | TSP200 Series | TSP400 Series | TSP600II Series | TSP700 Series | SCP700

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