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Motorola WSS1000 - WSS1060

Motorola WSS1000 - WSS1060
The WSS-1040 and WSS-1060 Scanning Systems from Symbol Technologies help users achieve new levels of productivity and accuracy while advanced ergonomics make them easy to use and comfortable to wear

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Standard Option
WSS1060-H486S1WWWSS 1060 Wearable Scanning System, Spectrum24, 11MB, Trilogy 2 Card, Titan long range Scanner, Conformal Coated Freezer version - WSS1060, Standard 8 Line Display, Standard 640KB RAM, Standard 27-Key, None-Standard and WW (Part Number: WSS1060-H486S1WW)

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20-33831-02Ring Mount (with Trigger and Strap) for the RS1 Ring Scanner (Part Number: 20-33831-02)
21-38862-01Wrist-Mount (with Back Boot) for WSS 1040 Wearable Scanning System (Part Number: 21-38862-01)
21-38862-04Wrist Mount Assembly (No Back Boot) for the WSS 1040 Wearable Scanning System (Part Number: 21-38862-04)
21-32665-09UBC2000 Adapter for the WSS10XX Series (Requires a Charger Kit) (Part Number: 21-32665-09)
20-16228-09Battery Pack (Lithium-Ion) for the WSS-1xxx Wearable Scanning System (Part Number: 20-16228-09)

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