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Symbol LS3478-ER

Symbol LS3478-ER

The cordless, ruggedized LS3478-ER barcode scanner features an extended working range for scanning barcodes as close as four inches and at distances of up to 45 feet away. Even better, the LS3478-ER withstands the harshest working conditions and sports a comfortable, ergonomic design. Deploy multiple LS3478-ER wireless scanners utilizing the same base station.

The Symbol LS3478-ER has reached end of life. It has been replaced by the LS3578.

Technical Specifications
    Additional Features:
  1. Multiple On-board Interfaces
  2. Li-ion Battery w/ 3-hr Charge Time
  3. Radio Range of 100 Meters Line-of-Sight
  4. Survives Multiple 6.5 Ft. Drops to Concrete
  5. Rated to IP65 Standards
  6. 3-Year Warranty

File NameFile Type 
LS3478-ER Data SheetPDFDownload Here
LS3478-ER ManualPDFDownload Here

Standard Option
LS3478 ER, Extended Range Scanner, USB Kit, Includes Cordless Scanner, Battery, Cradle, USB Cable and Power Supply, Color: Yellow/Black (Part Number: LS3478-ERBU0100UR)
Color: yellow/black
Interface: USB

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Additional Models
LS3478 ER, Extended Range Scanner, Multi- Interface, Cordless Scanner, Color: Yellow/Black, [Scanner Only] (Part Number: LS3478-ER20005WR)
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Color: yellow/black
Interface: Multi

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LS3478 ER Extended Range Scanner, Serial RS232 Kit, Includes Cordless Scanner, Battery, Cradle, Serial Cable and Power Supply, Color: Yellow/Black (Part Number: LS3478-ERBR0100UR)
Color: yellow/black
Interface: RS-232

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Line Cord for Power Supply (Part Number: 50-16000-182R)
Symbol Power Supply Line Cord (Part Number: 23844-00-00R)
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Keyboard Wedge Cable, PS/2, 9 Feet Coiled (Part Number: CBA-K02-C09PAR)

Interface: PS/2
Universal Power Supply For The Motorola Phaser P360, P370, and P470 (Additionally Symbol LS3478-ER and LS3478-FZ) (Part Number: 50-14000-239R)
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Spare Battery For LS3478 (Part Number: BTRY-LS34IAB00-00)
Intellistand for LS35X8, DS35X8 Scanners, Color: Twilight Gray (Part Number: 20-54090-07R)
Color: Twilight Gray
UBC 2000 Adapter For LS3478 Battery (Part Number: 21-32665-46)
LS3408 Tool Balancer, [Pulley With Retractable Cable] (Part Number: 50-15400-031)

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Charger and Cradle for the LS34XX, [Requires Power Supply and Line Cord] (Part Number: STB3478-C0007WR)
Color: Black
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1-Year Regular Service Center Bronze for the LS3478 (Part Number: SCB-LS3478-10)
Color: 1-Year
3-Years Regular Service Center Bronze, for the LS3478 (Part Number: SSB-LS3478-30)
Color: 3-Year
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