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Opticon LGP 6125

Starting At: $119.00
Opticon LGP 6125
The Opticon LGP6125 barcode scanner provides any business a lightweight contact scanning solution. As a contact scanner, the LGP6125 reads 1D barcodes quickly & efficiently, ideal for lower volume scanning such as in libraries, smaller retailers, or personal asset management.

The LGP 6125 is built from ABS plastic, giving it a little extra protection from accidental drops. Rated to survive drops of nearly 5 feet to concrete, this scanner can hold up to most retail abuse. Opticon ships the LGP 6125 with a 5-year warranty, ensuring many years of great service.
    Additional Features:
  1. ABS Construction
  2. Lightweight & Ergonomic
  3. Reads High Density Labels
  4. Reads Standard 1D Barcodes

Technical Specifications

Physical Characteristics
Dimensions (W x D x H): 2.83" x 5.98" x 0.86"
Weight: 3.17 oz
Light Source: 630 nm Red LED
Photo Sensor: 2k element CCD
Interface Type: USB, PS/2 Keyboard Wedge
Decode Capability: Standard 1D Symbologies
Decode Range: Contact to 1.2" for 15 mil EAN
Radio Range: 300 feet, line of sight

Environmental Characteristics
Operating Temperature: 32 to 104 F
Operating Humidity: 20% to 80% non-condensing
Drop Spec: Withstands Multiple 5-foot drops to concrete

5 Year

File NameFile Type 
LGP 6125 Data SheetPDFDownload Here
LGP 6125PDFDownload Here

Standard Option
LGP-6125 CCD Scanner, 2.6" Hand Held CCD Scanner, USB interface with Trigger, Color: Beige (Part Number: LGP6125RU1S-000)
Color: White
Interface: USB

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LGP-6125 CCD Scanner, 2.6 Inch CCD Decoder, with Trigger and USB Direct, Color: Black (Part Number: LGP6125BU1S-000)
Color: Black
Interface: USB

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Additional Models
LGP-6125 CCD Scanner, 2.6" Hand Held CCD Scanner, Keyboard Wedge Interface, Triggered, Straight Cable, Includes AT/PS2 "Y" Adapter Cable, Color: Beige (Part Number: LGP6125RWES-007)
Color: White
Interface: PS/2

FREE ground shipping
Y Cable, PS/2 Interface For CCD and Smart Wand (Part Number: 41-W0002-01)
AT/XT Interface Cable For CCD and Smart Wand (Part Number: 41-W0001-01)
Power Supply For LGP-6125-018 and LGP-1125-018 (Part Number: 32-00907-01)
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