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Intermec Sabre 1552

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Intermec Sabre 1552
For mobile scanning in industrial settings, the Sabre 1552 wireless barcode scanner performs with rugged power, working up to 50 feet from the base station utilizing Intermecīs PicoLink wireless personal area network. Connect up to nine Sabre 1552 scanners to a single base station.

Technical Specifications
    Additional Features:
  1. Choice of Scan Engines
  2. IP54-Rated
  3. Endures Temperature Extremes
  4. Survives Multiple 6-Ft. Drops
  5. Rechargeable NiMH Battery
  6. 14,000 Scans Per Charge
  7. Reads Standard 1D Barcodes
  8. 1-Year Warranty

File NameFile Type 
Sabre 1552 BrochurePDFDownload Here

Standard Option
069667Sabre 1552C Cordless Laser Scanner Kit, Standard Range with 9745 Base Station, 3" PC Keyboard Wedge Cable and NiMH Battery (Part Number: 069667)
070161Sabre 1552C Cordless Scanner Kit, Decoded, Standard Range, Includes Scanner, Battery, Charger, Base, Cable, Power Supply, and Multiport Software (Part Number: 070161)
0727761552 VISTA Kit, with Keyboard Wedge Cable, Base Station and NiMH Battery (Part Number: 072776)
0727771552 VISTA Kit, with Serial RS 232 Cable, Base Station, NiMH Battery and Power Supply (Part Number: 072777)
1552C0004Sabre 1552C Decoded Cordless Scanner, Standard Range, Serial Interface, Trigger and US Radio. (Scanner Only) (Part Number: 1552C0004)
1552C0204Sabre 1552C Decoded Cordless Laser Scanner, Near and Long Range, Serial Interface, Trigger and US Radio. (Scanner Only) (Part Number: 1552C0204)
1552C0404Sabre 1552C Decoded Cordless Laser Scanner, High Visibility, Serial Interface, Trigger and US Radio. (Scanner Only) (Part Number: 1552C0404)
1552C0504Sabre 1552C Decoded Cordless Laser Scanner, High Density, PicoLink Radio Module-04, Serial Interface and Trigger. (Scanner Only) (Part Number: 1552C0504)
42205021-01Cable "Y" For 1552, PS/2 (Mini Din) and DEC VT 5XX (6 PIN) 3FT (Part Number: 42205021-01)
3-302029-11Power Supply [for the 9730, 9735, 1551E, 1800, 1802 and MaxiScan 2100] (Part Number: 3-302029-11)
42205127-02Cable, 4Ft, RS232, DB25 Pin Female and True Output. (Require Power Supply) (Part Number: 42205127-02)
42205127-03Cable, 4Ft, RS232, DB9 Pin Male and True Output. (Require Power Supply) (Part Number: 42205127-03)
42205127-04Cable, 4Ft RS232, DB 9-Pin Female (True Output). (Require Power Supply) (Part Number: 42205127-04)
42205030-01Cable "Y" (3 Ft. XT/AT Din, 5-Pin) for the Intermec 1552 Sabre (Part Number: 42205030-01)
068175Vehicle Mount Holder for the 155X Scanner (includes Quick Reference Guide) (Part Number: 068175)
065236Universal Power Supply 50/60Hz (includes US Cord) (Part Number: 065236)
068176Wall Mount Holder for 155X Scanners (includes Quick Reference Guide) (Part Number: 068176)

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070066Battery Pack (1200mAh, 110/220 VAC, 50Hz/60Hz NiMH 1552) with Integral Charger and 4 Hours Charge Time (Part Number: 070066)

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068484Scanner Stand (Required for Auto-Trigger Operation) for 155X Scanners (Part Number: 068484)

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9745C071049745C MicroBar Wireless Base Station (Part Number: 9745C07104)

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