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Avery-Berkel Weigh-Tronix 6710

Starting At: $425.00
Avery-Berkel Weigh-Tronix 6710
The Weigh-Tronix 6710 POS Scale is a great way for your business to save space while acquiring accurate weights for small to medium sized bulk items. The 6710 is available in 30lb or 60lb capacities to meet the changing needs of your growing establishment.

The Weigh-Tronix 6710 POS Scale is easily linked to electronic cash registers or POS terminals to streamline the checkout process making this product perfect for places like cafeterias, convenience stores, delicatessens and candy shops. The 6710 is small (10" by 10" footprint), easy to install and extremely simple to use.
  1. Low Profile Only 2.5” high.
  2. Small Footprint 10” x 10” platter.
  3. Easy to Read Six-digit LCD external display with large 0.5” characters, tactile keys, 7 ft. cable and Velcro™ for mounting.
  4. Accurate and Reliable Precision load cell and quality electronics ensure repeatable weight measurements and trouble free operation.
  5. Simple to Use Reduces operator training time.
  6. Easy to Install Interfaces to most electronic cash registers and point-of-sale software programs.
  7. Interfaces RS-232, 4-bit parallel, 40-bit serial, and OPOS.
  8. Auto Zero Tracking Zero light indicator and manual control when out of range.
  9. Quick Disconnects Make all cable connections easily.
  10. Construction Stainless steel weighing area with full skirt around perimeter of base, except where connectors are located at rear of scale.

Technical Specifications
  1. Weigh Platter: 10" x 10"
  2. Remote Display Enclosure (W x D x H): 5.7" x 1.4" x 3.0"
  3. Adjustable Height: 2.5" - 3.0"
  1. Input: Input: Wall mount transformer 120 VAC (10% -15%)/ 60 Hz (±3 Hz) Standard 3 wire with ground input
  2. Output: 15 VDC @ 0.3 Amps minimum
Operating Environment
  1. Operating Temperature: 41°F to 104°F
  2. Humidity: 10% to 90% RH (non-condensing)

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Standard Option
Weight-Tronix 6710 Scale, 30lb capacity, RS232 interface, 9F Connector (9M/9F serial cable Required). (Part Number: 9504-16453)
Color: Silver
Interface: RS-232

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Additional Models
Weight-Tronix 6712 Scale, 160 oz capacity, RS232 interface, 9F Connector (9M/9F serial cable Required). (Part Number: 9570-13744)
Color: Silver
Interface: RS-232

FREE ground shipping
Avery Berkel, 9M/9F serial cable for scales. (Part Number: 1140-13842)

Interface: Serial
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