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Epson TM-H6000II

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Epson TM-H6000II
With a thermal printing speed of 44 lps, the Epson TMH6000II is quite simply the fastest multi-function receipt/slip/endorsement printer in the world. The ultra-fast printing means virtually instant delivery of highly customized receipts that include high quality graphics such as logos and promotional messages.

**Windows Vista Drivers Not Yet Available**

Discontinued - Replaced by the Epson TM-H6000III.

Technical Specifications
  1. 12-sec cheque printing and validation
  2. Advanced graphics and barcode printing
  3. 2 Color Printing
  4. Euro-ready, OPoS compliant
Emulation: ESC/POS
Interfaces: RS-232 Serial, Centronics Parallel, USB
Drawer Port: 2 drivers
Printing Method:
  • Receipt: Direct Thermal
  • Slip: 9-Pin Serial Impact Dot Matrix
  • Endorsement Printer: 8-Pin Shuttle Impact Dot Matrix
    Printing Speed:
  • Receipt: 5.5" per second
  • Slip: .6" per second
  • Endorsement Printer: .15" per second
    Effective Printing Width:
  • Receipt: 2.75"
  • Slip: 2.5" to 8"
  • Endorsement Printer: 2/5" to 8"
    Printing Direction: Single Direction
  • Receipt: 1 Original
  • Slip: 1 Original and 3 copies
  • Endorsement Printer: 1 Original

    Auto Cutter
    Type: Guillotine
    Life: 2 million cuts
    Paper Thickness: 0.003"
    Cutting Method: Full/Partial Cut

    Weight: 12.76 lbs
    Dimension (WxDxH): 7.32" x 11.73" x 7.28"
    Color: Epson Cool White, Epson Dark Grey

  • Receipt: Thermal Paper
  • Receipt: 3"
  • Slip: 2.75" to 8.27"
  • Endorsement Printer: 2.75" to 8.27"
  • Receipt: 0.003"
  • Slip: 0.003" to 0.012"
  • Endorsement Printer: 0.03" to 0.078"
    Roll Diameter:
  • Receipt: 3.27"
    Ink Ribbon:
  • Slip: ERC-32
  • Endorsement Printer: ERC-41

    Output: 24VDC

    Number of Columns
  • Receipt: 56/42
  • Slip: 45/60
  • Endorsement Printer: 40

    Data Buffer: 4 KB or 45 bytes; 384k NVRAM

    Safety & Regulatory Approvals
    VCC1, FCC class A, CE marking, UL/C-UL/TÜV


  • Downloads
    No downloads available for this product

    Standard Option
    DiscontinuedDiscontinued, Please Contact Your Sales Representative (Part Number: Discontinued)
    C31C411A8371TM-H6000II Multifunction Receipt Printer, USB Interface, 2 Color, Cutter, MICR, and ROHS, (Requires PS-180 Power Supply), Color: Dark Grey (Part Number: C31C411A8371)

    FREE ground shipping
    Additional Models
    C31C411A7940TM-H6000II Multifunction Receipt Printer, Parallel Interface, 2-Color, Validation, [Requires PS-180 Power Supply], Color: White (Part Number: C31C411A7940)

    FREE ground shipping
    C31C411027TM-H6000II 2 Color Thermal/Impact Serial Interface Printer with MICR, Endorsement and Auto Cutter. PS180 Power Supply Required. Color: White (Part Number: C31C411027)

    FREE ground shipping
    6 Foot USB Cable, USB 2.0, A and B Ends, Color: White (Part Number: 13172)
    Color: White
    Interface: USB 2.0
    6 Foot USB Cable, USB 2.0, A and B Ends, Color: Black (Part Number: 28102)
    Color: Black
    Interface: USB 2.0
    Parallel Printer Cable, 6 Foot Parallel PC to Printer, DB25M/CENT36M (Part Number: 02302)
    Color: Beige
    Interface: Parallel
    Two-Color Thermal Receipt Paper (Case of 50 Rolls)
    3.125" Wide x 220 ft., Two Colors Red & Black
    • Epson: TM-T88, TM-T88II, TM-T88III, TM-T88IV, TM-T88V, TM-T90, TM-H5000 and TM- H6000
    • CognitiveTPG: A760
    (Part Number: 140-333RB)
    Color: Two Color
    Interface: 50 Rolls

    FREE ground shipping
    Two Color Thermal Receipt Paper (Case of 50 Rolls)
    3.125" Wide x 220 ft, Two Colors Red & Black (Also known as 140-333RB)
    • Epson: TM-T88 (I, II, III, IV), TM-H5000 and TM-H6000
    • Star: TSP700II Series
    (Part Number: 1296)
    Color: Two Color
    Interface: 50 Rolls

    FREE ground shipping
    1 Year Epson Spare-In-The-Air Coverage (Part Number: SITATMB-I)
    Color: 1 Year
    1-Year Extended Care for Epson TM-H, SecurColor, TM-U, P60, TM-S, and PLQ Series (Part Number: ECTMB-I)
    2-Year Extended Care for Epson TM-H, SecurColor, TM-U, P60, TM-S, and PLQ Series (Part Number: ECTMB-II)
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