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QuickBooks Point of Sale Features

Key FeaturesPro    Basic
Ring Up Sales Quickly and Easily
Ring up sales by scanning bar codes
Handle discounts, returns, store credit & gift receipts
Process credit card and debit card transactions in one step
One-click reports on sales, customers, and more
Issue and accept gift cards
Track employee hours and sales commissions 
Customize price tags, receipts and more 
Track work orders and sales orders 
Stay Close to Your Customers
Track customer contact and purchase info
Improve your marketing with insights and data from the Customer Center
Create customer letters easily with Microsoft Word® integration
Capture "ship-to" addresses for creating mailing lists and labels 
Recognize your best customers with the Rewards Program 
Get Started Quickly
Answer a few simple questions to start
View built-in tutorials for common tasks
Import items and customers from Microsoft® Excel
Learn by example with the Practice File
Control Security
Track petty cash payouts
Control access to administrative features by password
Manage Inventory Accurately and Effortlessly
Automatically track inventory as you sell and receive items
Manage vendors
Generate purchase orders automatically at pre-set inventory levels 
Ship and track packages using Shipping Manager  
Track multiple vendors and UPC codes per item 
Track serial numbers 
Include pictures of inventory items 
Track layaways and sales orders 
Works Alone or with QuickBooks Financial Software
Transfer sales data to QuickBooks Financial software
Synch customer data and accounts receivable with QuickBooks Financial software
Send time cards to QuickBooks Financial Software for payroll processing  
Manage up to 20 Stores from a Single Office
Consolidate multi-store data into one file 
Generate performance and inventory reports for individual stores and the company 
Track inventory transfers between stores 

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