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POS System Support

Free POS System Support

Each Complete POS System comes with the additional coverage vital for maintaining uptime at your business. This coverage includes 1 year of phone and email support, a 1-year hardware warranty, and an initial training call. We want you to feel secure at your business, and our support makes sure you have the help you need at your fingertips.

POS System Support Includes

  • POS System Training*
  • Configuration Support
  • Usability Assistance
  • Compatibility Issue Support
  • Overnight Replacement**
  • Drivers & Manuals
  • Software Updates
  • 1 Year Hardware Warranty
    (Covers Product Defects)

Our support staff is available Monday through Friday, from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Pacific Time.

Email Support: support@POSMicro.com

POS System Training

Our POS System training is a fantastic way to get you up to speed on the software we sell, giving you a walkthrough on how to setup and run your POS system. During the session, our technicians will remotely connect to your POS computer and show you where vital tools such as inventory management, reporting, employee management, and other features are located, and the best practices for using those tools.

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*Here is what you can expect from our 30 to 60 minute training session:

  • 30 to 60 Minute Remote Training Session with POSMicro In-House Specialists
  • POS System Configuration & Set-Up
  • Add New Products & Menu Items
  • Add Employees & Managers
  • Back Office Reporting
  • Q&A Session

POS System training must be scheduled at least two days in advance. A high speed internet connection is required for training.

Onsite Installation

If you are worried about setting up your POS system, we offer on-site installation for an additional fee. These technicians are well versed in the hardware we sell and will make sure your system is up and running in no time.

Additional Manufacturer Support

Our complete POS System hardware support comes in addition to the standard warranties available for each device in the system. Depending on the product, you can get up to five years coverage from the manufacturer directly for your hardware. Additional coverage is available for certain products, including spare-in-the-air and comprehensive coverage plans. Please see the table below for manufacturer contact and warranty information.

Manufacturer Contact Information Warranty Service
Aldelo www.aldelo.com
(209) 338-5481
30 day warranty

30 day 24/7 free technical support
American Power Conversion (APC) www.apc.com
(800) 555-2725
2 year warranty
Customer calls APC to receive RMA.

Citizen www.citizen-systems.com
(800) 421-6516
Impact Printers (IDP3550/3551, CD-S500):
3 year warranty

Thermal Printers (CBM1000II, CT-S851, CT-S310, CT-S651, CT-S300): 3 year warranty

All Other Printers: 1 year warranty

Media, Printheads: No Warranty, No Returns

Mobile Printer Batteries: 6 months

Printer Mechanisms, Controller Boards, Spare Parts: 90 days

Datalogic Scanning (PSC / Percon) www.scanning.datalogic.com
(541) 349-8283
PowerScan: 2 year warranty
QuickScan 6000: 5 year warranty
Quick Scan 1000: 2 year warranty
Magellan 8300: 1 year warranty
Magellan 2300HS: 3 year warranty
IP products: 30 months
Decoders: 5 year warranty
Software: One incident resolved free, maintenance agreement required for subsequent software support.

Epson America www.pos.epson.com
(562) 276-1314 (US)
(905) 709-9475
1 or 2 year warranty depending on model type.
IR Units = Non-returnable, repair only.

Honeywell www.honeywellaidc.com
(800) 782-4263
2011 Honeywell Warranty Listing
(Download for mobility & scanning warranty durations.)
HP www.hp.com
(800) 474-6836
Standard 3 year warranty with onsite service
Replacement options include second business day on-site service or next business day
3 year parts
3 year labor
Includes free 24/7 telephone support
Certain restrictions and exclusions apply
ID Tech www.idtechproducts.com
(714) 761-6368
Standard: 1 year warranty
MiniMag II: 2 year warranty
VersaKey (Not Programmable): 2 year warranty
VersaScan II: 2 year warranty
Econoscan II: 3 year warranty
Intuit (Quickbooks) www.intuit.com
(800) 558-9558
Logic Controls www.logiccontrols.com
(516) 248-0400
Customer Displays: 3 year warranty
Cash Drawers: 2 year warranty
Magnetic Stripe Reader: 2 year warranty
Programmable Keyboards: 1 year warranty
Retail Hardened Computers: 3 year warranty
Touch Monitor: 3 year warranty
Thermal Printers: 3 year warranty
Microsoft Dynamics RMS www.microsoft.com

(MMF Cash Drawers)
(800) 769-1954
Advantage Series: 5 year limited warranty (lifetime limited warranty if registered and validated within 30 days of purchase)

Heritage 15" Cash Drawer: 5 year limited warranty (lifetime limited warranty if registered and validated within 30 days of purchase)

MediaPLUS™, Heritage™ Series, CashierPlus Cash Drawers:
3 year warranty

VAL-u Line™: 2 year warranty
(Formerly Symbol)
(800) 653-5350
Standard: 1 year warranty unless otherwise stated
Scanners - CS Series: 90 day warranty
Scanners - LS1900, LS2200, LS4000i, DS4200, DS6700 Series: 5 year warranty
Scanners - LS9200 Series: 30 month warranty
Scanners - LS5700/5800: 2 year warranty
Scanners - M2000, DS6800 Series: 3 year warranty
Accessories, serialized: 90 day warranty
Accessories, unserialized: 30 day warranty
POS-X www.pos-x.com
(360) 738-8433
All-In-One TouchPC: 3 year warranty
XI3200 BT, EVO-BS1, VLINE-BS1: 3 year warranty
XI3200: 5 year warranty
Cash Drawers: 3 year warranty
Customer Display: 3 year warranty
Magnetic Stripe Reader: 3 year warranty
XR210, EVO-RP1: 3 year warranty (2 year autocutter/print head)
XR520: 5 year warranty (2 year autocutter/print head)
Touchscreen Monitor: 3 year warranty
POS Computer: 3 year warranty
Fuzion: 1 year warranty
Zebra Technologies www.zebra.com
(877) 275-9327
Printers: 1 year warranty
Printheads: 6 months
Batteries: 1 year warranty
Spare Parts: 3 months
Accessories: 1 month

POSMicro System Support Terms & Conditions

  • POSMicro System Support only applies to systems purchased through POSMicro.com
  • System Support does not extend to the HP POS System
  • If we are unable to resolve an issue, we will provide the customer with contact information for the product's manufacturer.
  • While we strive to help each and every one of our valued customers, it is not always possible to resolve all issues. We reserve the right to refuse support to those determined to be abusive or uncooperative.
  • Customer is responsible for their own system backup and recovery practices.

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