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Epson DM-D500

Starting At: $279.00
Epson DM-D500

Epsonīs DM-D500 customer display is a high-performance pole display that provides a wide range of clear, easy-to-read characters and graphics.

  1. Large easy-to-read 256 x 64 dot matrix display
  2. Can display graphics, logos and Asian character sets
  3. Vertical and horizontal scrolling of text and graphics
  4. User-defined characters easily downloaded with built-in flash memory
  5. Easy connectivity to wide range of Epson POS products
  6. Available in Epson Cool White and Epson Dark Gray

Technical Specifications
Panel Dimension: 8.38" x 2"
Total Height: 3.26"
Base Dimension: 8.38" x 2"
Viewing Angle Max: 45 degrees
Pitch Angle Max: 30 degrees
Weight: 1 lbs
Cable Length:

Interface: RS232 db9 female
Power Source: 12~48 VDC 500mA
Power Consumption: 6W

Type: Vacuum fluorescent display
Display Pattern: 5 x 7 dot matrix
Brightness:690 cd/m ē
Character Type: 95 Alphanumeric characters & 37 International characters
Character Size: 0.13"x0.19"
Character Number: 20 x 2

1 Year

No downloads available for this product

Standard Option
Epson DMD500 Text & Graphic Display For All EPSON Printers and IRīS. [Requires Base], Color: White (Part Number: B113101)
Color: White
Interface: n/a

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DP105 Pole Display Extension for the DP110/DP500 Pole Displays. Color: Dark Gray (Part Number: B098111)
Color: Dark Grey
DP105 Pole Display Extension [for the DP110 and DP500 Pole Displays], Color: White (Part Number: B098101)
Color: white
Pole Unit [Internally Attached] for H5000, H5000II, J8000 Printers (Part Number: B117101)
Pole Unit for the IR Series, Color: White (Part Number: B118101)
Color: white
DP502 Pole Unit for the H6000-U950, U675, NT Series Printers, [Externally Attached], Color: White (Part Number: B116101)
Color: White
Epson Universal 110/220 VOLT AC Power Supply With AC Cord [PS180] (Part Number: C825343)
Stand-Alone Base for DMD500 Series Customer Displays [for T88 and U200 Model Printers], Color: White (Part Number: B115101)
Color: White
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