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 by Motorola
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Memor X3
Memor X3

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Part Number: SCB-P360-30

Description: Symbol P360 3-Year Service Center Repair 3-Day Turnaround - Bronze Package (must be purchased within 15 days of scanner purchase)

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The part number SCB-P360-30 is associated with the Motorola Phaser P360.
For more information on the Motorola Phaser P360 click here.

Phaser P360 General Downloads:
Phaser P360 Data Sheet
Phaser P360 Manual

Motorola Phaser P360 General Description:
All serial numbers must be sent in to the Sales Rep.

Additional Models
Model NumberDescription
P360-SR1214100WWP360 Industrial Scanner with 4 MB, Battery Included. (Scanner Only, No Cables)  
K360-SR41000USRP360 Industrial Scanner Kit. Includes: Scanner, Communications Cradle, Power Supply, Line Cord, Programmers´ Reference Guide, 4 MB Memory, & Battery. US Only. *Cradle to Host and Synapse Cable must be ordered separately.  
K360-SR41000WWPhaser P360 Memory Scanner Kit, Industrial Version, Worldwide, 4 MB Memory, Cradle, Universal Power Supply and Product Reference Guide. Worldwide *Cradle to Host and Synapse Cable must be ordered separately.  

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