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 by Teklynx
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Part Number: PLMADD01

Description: Pocket Label Matrix Add-On, Single License

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The part number PLMADD01 is associated with the Teklynx Label Matrix.
For more information on the Teklynx Label Matrix click here.

Label Matrix General Downloads:
Label Matrix Manual
Label Matrix Key Features

Teklynx Label Matrix General Description:
Pocket LABEL MATRIX is a powerful, flexible, and easy-to-use Pocket PC-based solution for printing bar code labels. It allows you to take labels created in LABEL MATRIX label design and printing software, download them to your Pocket PC, and print them using a direct or wireless connection.

Additional Models
Model NumberDescription
LM14PPLabel Matrix 2014 PowerPro, Single User $425.00
LM14PP3Label Matrix 2014 PowerPro Network, 3-User $767.00
LM14PP5Label Matrix 2014 PowerPro Network, 5-User $1,200.00
LM14PP10Label Matrix 2014 PowerPro Network, 10-User $2,015.00
LM14QDLabel Matrix 2014 QuickDraw, Single User $90.00

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