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  Label Matrix PowerPro V8 Network 50-User Edition

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The part number LM8PP50 is associated with the Teklynx Label Matrix.
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Teklynx Label Matrix General Description:

LABEL MATRIX 8 is the most powerful, easy-to-use RFID and label design software package in the industry. Its helpful design and database connection wizards, along with a simple interface, allow users to quickly design bar code, compliance or RFID labels. If you are looking for an easy-to-use, wizard driven software solution for UHF and HF RFID encoding and label design, the choice is simple - TEKLYNX LABEL MATRIX 8.

Additional Models

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LM8PP50 Label Matrix 2014 PowerPro Network, 3-User  
LM8PP50 Label Matrix 2014 PowerPro Network, 5-User  
LM8PP50 Label Matrix 2014 PowerPro Network, 10-User  
LM8PP50 Label Matrix 2014 QuickDraw, Single User