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 by Opticon
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LGP6125BU1S-000 Product Photo
Part Number: LGP6125BU1S-000

Description: LGP-6125 CCD Scanner, 2.6 Inch CCD Decoder, with Trigger and USB Direct, Color: Black

Interface: USB

Color: Black

Price: $119.00

The part number LGP6125BU1S-000 is associated with the Opticon LGP 6125.
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LGP 6125 General Downloads:
LGP 6125 Data Sheet
LGP 6125

Opticon LGP 6125 General Description:
This is absolutely the best performing scanner that Opticon has developed in over 20 years as a bar code industry leader. Operating at a lightening fast 200 scans per second the 6125 Series scanners also use new decoding algorithms for fast accurate decoding of bar codes even poor quality or marginal bar code symbols. The sleek modern styling is not only attractive and up-to-date it is also more lightweight and ergonomic than other handheld CCD scanners. It is ideal for heavy all-day scanning applications.The 2.6 inch window allows reading bar codes up to 3 inch wide.The 6125 is available with the most popular interfaces: USB keyboard wedge and RS232. It is easily programmable to match your specific applications.Opticon's 5-Year warranty testifies to the durability and long life that CCD scanners provide.

Additional Models
Model NumberDescription
LGP6125RU1S-000LGP-6125 CCD Scanner, 2.6" Hand Held CCD Scanner, USB interface with Trigger, Color: Beige $119.00
LGP6125BU1S-000LGP-6125 CCD Scanner, 2.6 Inch CCD Decoder, with Trigger and USB Direct, Color: Black $119.00

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