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 by Honeywell
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Memor X3
Memor X3

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Part Number: 90009395-4-24

Description: Dolphin 7450 Serial RS232 Mobile IntelliBase, 1 Slot Charging, With Mounting Bracket and Direct Connect Cable

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The part number 90009395-4-24 is associated with the Honeywell Dolphin 7450.
For more information on the Honeywell Dolphin 7450 click here.

Dolphin 7450 General Downloads:
Microsoft ActiveSync 4.5 Software

Additional Models
Model NumberDescription
903113D0-2-3-0Dolphin 7450 Batch Mobile Computer, with Pistol Grip, IT4200 LR Imager, 56-Key Non-Shifted Alphanumeric Keypad, 64MB RAM, 32MB Flash, Resistive Touch Panel Display, Pocket PC 2002 Professional Edition and Battery  
90366251-2-2-0Dolphin 7450 Portable Data Terminal, 802.11b Radio, Extra Long Range Imager, 35-Key Keypad, Resistive Touch Panel Display and MS Windows CE Version 3.0  
9036C351-2-2-0Dolphin 7450 Wireless Mobile Computer, 802.11b Radio, LX Imager with Green Aimer, 56-Key Non-Shifted Alphanumeric Keypad, 32MB RAM, 32MB Flash, Resistive Touch Panel Display, MS Windows CE Version 3.0, No Connect Software and Battery  

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