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 by Intermec
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Unitech MS210
This is an image of the Intermec SP1800
and may not show the image for the part number0-360019-00 .
Part Number: 0-360019-00

Description: ScanPlus 1800 Handheld Scanner, Short Range CCD Scanner Only with Users Guide, [No Trigger and No Cable], Color: Grey

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The part number 0-360019-00 is associated with the Intermec SP1800.
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Additional Models
Model NumberDescription
0-360057-00ScanPlus 1800 Handheld Scanner Kit, Short Range CCD Scanner, Triggerless, Keyboard Wedge, "Y" Cable with AT/PS2 Adapter, Desk Stand/Holder, Users Guide and CD-ROM, Color: Grey  
3-366057-01ScanPlus 1800 Handheld Scanner Kit, Laser, Standard Range Scanner Head, Trigger, Keyboard Wedge with AT/PS2 Cable, Desk Stand/Holder, Users Guides and CD-ROM, Color: Grey  
3-366058-02ScanPlus 1800 Handheld Scanner, Laser, Standard Range Scanner Head with Trigger and USB Cable, Color: Grey  
270-109-001ScanPlus 1800 Handheld Scanner Kit, Standard Range with Trigger, USB Cable, and RoHS, Color: Grey  
3-360057-01ScanPlus 1800 Handheld Scanner Kit, Short Range, Trigger, Keyboard Wedge Cable and RoHS, Color: Grey  

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