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Logic Controls Card Reader

Logic Controls Card Readers feature a small form factor, allowing for easy integration in almost any point of sale environment.

Logic Controls Magnetic Card Reader
MR1000 - MR1300
Logic Controls MR1000 - MR1300
100+ Starting at $56.00
MR3000 - MR3300
Logic Controls MR3000 - MR3300
100+ Starting at $100.00
Magnetic card readers, also referred to as magnetic stripe readers (MSR), connect to the POS system via a USB, PS/2 or serial interface, reading and transferring customer credit card data to the computer for transaction processing. By combining magnetic stripe readers with a merchant account provider they can read the two or three programmable tracks of data on the back of a bank, gift, or credit card and verify card validity, avoiding fake or fraudulent cards. POSMicro carries a full line of magnetic card readers from top POS hardware manufacturers like IDTech, MagTek, Unitech, POS-X and Logic Controls capable of interpreting tracks 1 & 2 and even magnetic stripe readers capable of reading all three tracks. Some magnetic card readers also offer programming options to customize data transmission to the POS system.

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