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Logic Controls Touchscreen Monitor

Logic Controls manufactures a broad variety of point-of-sale (POS) peripherals and industrial computers. Their LE1000 series touchscreen monitors are known for their reliability, advanced functionality and great value.

Logic Controls Touchscreen Monitor - Basic 15 Inch
Logic Controls LE1000
100+ Starting at $390.00
15 inch POS touch monitors are the most popular in the industry for their ability to display point-of-sale (POS), retail, or hospitality applications at a convenient size without consuming valuable counter space. As a result of their popularity these 15 inch POS touch monitors are quite often the most affordable models on the market. While sporting a lower price tag than deluxe POS touch monitors, the basic touchscreens still feature many of the common options which make them a fantastic starting touch monitor.

Logic Controls Touchscreen Monitor - 17 Inch
Logic Controls LE1017
100+ Starting at $434.00
17 inch POS touchscreen monitors provide more screen real-estate to the end user making it easier to press the correct button or identify the necessary menu item in a timely and efficient manner. Larger POS touch monitors are perfectly suited for complicated POS applications which may have tiny or difficult to activate buttons and also for processes where speed or accessibility is a concern.

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