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The Sato CL608e features a 6" wide print head, making it possible to print large format labels at high speed without rotating the images. With 16 built-in symbologies and 22 text fonts, the CL608e brings label printing perfection to a wide variety of applications.
    Standard Features
  1. Thermal Transfer / Direct
  2. 32-Bit RISC Processor
  3. High Throughput - 8" Per Second
  4. For Labels & Tags Up To 7" Wide
  5. 6" Print Wide Print Area
  6. 203 dpi Print Head
  7. High Speed 32-Bit RISC Processor
  8. Intelligent Print Head Control
  9. 16 Bar Code Symbologies
  10. 12 Proportional & Mono-Spaced Text Fonts
  11. 10 Scalable Vector Fonts
  12. Heavy Duty Industrial Design
  13. User Replaceable Print Head
  14. Auto Switching Parallel & Serial Interface

Technical Specifications
Printer Specifications
Resolution: 203 dpi
Maximum Print Speed: 8" per second
Maximum Print Width: 6.0"
Maximum Print Length: 14", up to 49.2" with memory upgrade
Media Sensors: Moveable position photo sensor, Reflective sensor
Expansion/Storage: PCMCIA socket
Communication Interface Capabilities:
  • Centronics Parallel
  • Serial RS-232
  • Ethernet

    Physical Characteristics
    Dimensions (W x D x H): 13.8" x 16.9" x 11.7"
    Weight: 55.25 lbs
    Electrical: 110V (/-10%), 220V (/-10%) 50/60 Hz (/-1%)

    Media Characteristics
    Label and liner width: 7"
    Ribbon width: 6.5"
    Max. Label Roll Size: 8.6" OD on 1.5"-3" ID core
    Thickness (label & liner): 0.01"
    Media Types:Roll or fan-fold die cut labels, plain paper face stock, SATO standard or equivalent. Tag Stock, SATO standard or equivalent with punched feed slot for "see through" sensing or sense mark for reflective sensing.
    Agency Approvals
    FCC Class A, U/L, TUV, CE

  • Downloads
    File NameFile Type 
    CLe Series Data SheetPDFDownload Here
    CLe Series ManualPDFDownload Here

    Standard Option
    CL608e Printer
    Print Method: Thermal Transfer & Direct Thermal
    Interface: PARALLEL
    Resolution: 203 dpi
    Print Width:6.0"
    Other: 8 ips (Part Number: W00609011)
    Color: Dark Grey
    Interface: Parallel

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    CL608e Printer
    Print Method: Thermal Transfer & Direct Thermal
    Interface: ETHERNET
    Resolution: 203 dpi
    Print Width: 6.0"
    Other: 8 ips (Part Number: W00609041)
    Color: Dark Grey
    Interface: Ethernet

    FREE ground shipping
    CL612e Memory Expansion Kit (PCMCIA Card not included (Part Number: RJ4770100)

    FREE ground shipping
    ETHERNET Interface Card (Part Number: 11S000258)

    Interface: Ethernet

    FREE ground shipping
    CL612e Label Dispenser Kit (Part Number: W00608201)

    FREE ground shipping
    Sato CL608 Replacement Printhead 6.1 Inch and 203 dpi (Part Number: GH000661A)

    Interface: 203 dpi

    FREE ground shipping
    CL612e Label Cutter Kit (Part Number: W00608101)

    FREE ground shipping
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