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Inventory Software

Inventory software helps you track products, automate the ordering process, and even manage multiple locations┬┤ worth of inventory. These software packages dramatically cut down time spent performing manual inventory checks and help minimize loss, saving you money. POSMicro carries a wide variety of Inventory Management software, ideally suited for various tasks and business needs.

We also carry barcode label software, which allows you to print custom-formatted product labels, excellent for creating a unique look at your business while providing an easy method for managing your inventory.

Which one do I need?

Give us a call at 1-800-241-6264 and our team of point of sale experts will find the right product for you.

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Inventory Software More Information

Stock Manager
Proxis Software Stock Manager
Starting At: $195.00

Lightweight yet powerful inventory management.

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Keychain Synch
Proxis Software Keychain Synch
Starting At: $95.00

Easy to use batch data collection software.

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Inventory Tracking
Redbeam Inventory Tracking
Starting At: $695.00

Powerful inventory tracking for multiple sites.

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Check In/Check Out
Redbeam Check In/Check Out
Starting At: $695.00

Great check-out software for libraries or schools.

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Mobile Inventory
Proxis Software Mobile Inventory Starting At: $599.00
Proxis Software BarcodePlus Starting At: $150.00
Asset Tracking
Redbeam Asset Tracking Starting At: $695.00
Asset Tracking Mobile Edition
Redbeam Asset Tracking Mobile Edition Starting At: $1,795.00
Inventory Tracking Mobile Edition
Redbeam Inventory Tracking Mobile Edition Starting At: $1,795.00
Check In/Check Out Mobile Edition
Redbeam Check In/Check Out Mobile Edition Starting At: $1,795.00
Inventory Software
Fishbowl Inventory Software Please Call For Pricing!
Mobile Suite Pro
New West Mobile Suite Pro Starting At: $1,131.00
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Barcode Label Software More Information

Bartender Basic Edition
Seagull Bartender Basic Edition
Starting At: $210.00

Straightforward interface with powerful tools.

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Bartender Professional
Seagull Bartender Professional
Starting At: $60.00

Database connectivity great for relabeling.

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Label Matrix
Teklynx Label Matrix
Starting At: $90.00

Great affordable label creation software.

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Teklynx LabelView
Starting At: $430.00

Powerful software, for retail or manufacturing.

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Designer Pro Label Software
Zebra Designer Pro Label Software Starting At: $250.00
1 on Outlet starting from $20.00
Bartender Enterprise
Seagull Bartender Enterprise Starting At: $625.00
BarTender Enterprise Automation
Seagull BarTender Enterprise Automation Starting At: $1,021.00
BarTender Automation
Seagull BarTender Automation Starting At: $510.00
Label Matrix QuickDraw 7
Teklynx Label Matrix QuickDraw 7 Please Call For Pricing!
Teklynx CodeSoft Starting At: $677.00
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Discontinued Products

The following models have been discontinued and are no longer carried by POSMicro.com. In some cases, accessories may still be available. We will try to list replacement models in the product description when available.

Teklynx | CodeSoft 9 | Labelview - Older Editions


Proxis Software

The Proxis Software product line includes intuitive inventory solutions, including Stock Manager and Mobile Inventory designed to automate and mobilize warehouse operations. Compatible with a host of corded and wireless barcode scanners, Proxis inventory software packages improve accuracy and productivity for physical counts, shipping, receiving, and inventory replenishment, saving businesses time and money.


The Zebra barcode printer brand is a mainstay in the industry, renown world-wide for dependability, innovation, range of choice and performance. Whatever the business need, Zebra bar code label printers deliver with desktop, industrial-sized, and wireless mobile thermal and direct thermal models.


Seagull Scientific develops the Bartender barcode label creation software. Available in Basic, Professional, and Enterprise editions, Seagull Scientific has created software ideal for your needs.


Redbeam creates and develops inventory tracking and asset management software for the Windows OS, as well as mobile editions for PDA-style batch scanners.


TekLynx International develops various label creation and inventory management software, scaled to meet the needs of businesses of various sizes. POSMicro carries Label Matrix and LabelView 9 software, ideal for small to large scale printing options. With capabilities such as database connectivity and multiple printer support, if you have a specific need for label printing, TekLynx has a solutions.

New West

New West Technologies creates a full suite of applications designed to enhance the capabilities of Microsoft RMS. Their Mobile Suite Pro and Mobile Cashier software create wireless functionality, freeing employees from the point of sale station.

Fishbowl Inventory Management Software is designed to hook into QuickBooks accounting software, giving you advanced inventory management without leaving QuickBooks.