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Honeywell 3820

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Honeywell 3820
The Honeywell 3820 barcode scanner offers freedom of movement and aggressive scanning, fantastic for any medium to high volume scanning environment, including retail inventory management, warehouse industrial scanning, or any situation where you need the added mobility of a cordless scanner.

Using Adaptus imaging technology, the 3820 can read retail barcodes from 2 feet away, excellent for scanning products on high shelves or otherwise out of reach. The Adaptus imager also reads damaged or dirty barcodes easily, streamlining scanning and eliminating data entry errors. For added efficiency, the 3820 reads barcodes at up to 270 scans per second, keeping up with the most demanding scanning environments.

The Bluetooth radio in the 3820 provides encrypted data transmission with an effective radio range of 33 feet. Not only does the 3820 pair with the included base station, but the Bluetooth radio provides easy pairing to a laptop or mobile computer, allowing you to extend your mobility or offer advanced scanning in line busting or mobile POS applications.

Honeywell built the 3820 to survive rough retail, light industrial, and other rough environments with ease. The rubberized overmolding around the hood of the scanner protects both the 3820 and your inventory from collisions. An environmental seal rated at IP41 resists airborne particulate contaminants as well as accidental water splashes, making the barcode scanner safe for use in outdoor garden centers, for instance. Honeywell ships the 3820 with a 3-year warranty standard, and additional coverage plans are available to give you added peace of mind.

Technical Specifications
Physical Characteristics
Weight: 9.2 oz
Light Source: 630 mn Visible Red LED
Scan Method: Linear Imager
Imager Class: Adaptus 3648 pixel CCD Linear Imager
Interface Type: USB, PS/2 Keyboard Wedge, Bluetooth
Decode Capability: Standard 1D symbologies
Decode Range:
7.5 Mil4" to 14"
10 Mil2" to 18"
13 Mil1" to 24"
20 Mil1" to 36"

Scan Speed: 270 scans per second
Print Contrast: 20% minimum reflectance difference
Radio Range: 33 feet
Battery: 1800 mAh Li-ion
Battery Life: 16 hours, up to 57,000 scans per charge
Recharge Time: 4 hours

Environmental Characteristics
Operating Temperature: 32 to 122 F
Storage Temperature: -40 to 140 F
Operating Humidity: up to 95% non-condensing
Storage Humidity: up to 95% non-condensing
Ambient Light Rejection: 0-76,000 lux
Seal Spec: IP41 Seal, water & dust resistant

3 Years, 1 Year for battery

File NameFile Type 
3820 ManualPDFDownload Here
3820 Quick StartPDFDownload Here
3820 Data SheetPDFDownload Here

Standard Option
3820 Barcode Scanner, Bluetooth, USB Interfaces, Base Station, Interface Cable, Power Supply, Manual, Color: Gray (Part Number: 3820SR0C0B-0FA0E)
Color: Grey
Interface: USB

FREE ground shipping
Additional Models
3820 Barcode Scanner, Scanner Only, Bluetooth Interface, Color: Gray (Part Number: 3820SR0C0BE)
Color: Grey
FREE ground shipping
3820 Barcode Scanner, Bluetooth, PS/2 Keyboard Wedge Interfaces, Base Station, Interface Cable, Power Supply, Manual, Color: Gray (Part Number: 3820SR0C0B-0IA0E)
Color: Grey
Interface: PS/2

FREE ground shipping
3820 Barcode Scanner, Base Station, Power Supply, Manual, Color: Gray (Part Number: 3820SR0C0B-0GA0E)
Color: Grey
FREE ground shipping
Replacement Battery (Part Number: 100006732)
3820 with Base, 3-day turnaround, Annual Contract (Part Number: E-SVC3820K-S)
3820 with Base, 1-Year Extended Warranty (Part Number: HSVC3820K-W)
Color: 1-Year
3820 with Base, 2-Year Warranty, 1-day turnaround, Renewal of SMS. (Part Number: E-SVC3820K-SMSR2)
Color: 2-Year
3820 with Base, 3-Year Warranty, 1-day turnaround, comprehensive coverage. (Part Number: HSVC3820K-SMS3)
Color: 3-Year
3820 with Base, 5-Year Warranty, 1-day turnaround, comprehensive coverage. (Part Number: HSVC3820K-SMS5)
Color: 5-Year
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