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Fishbowl Inventory Software

Starting At: $3,595.00
Fishbowl Inventory Software
With Fishbowl Inventory Management, QuickBooks accounting software gains the features necessary to become a fully-featured order processing and inventory management suite. Fishbowl copies your customer & inventory data to its own database, only updating the QuickBooks database when changes are made. With advanced inventory management, such as up-to-the-minute stock levels, multiple location monitoring, kitting, and picking, Fishbowl Inventory Management gives you a complete inventory and ordering package without having to leave QuickBooks.

  • Barcode Printing and Scanning Supported
  • Can track by Serial, Lot, Revision numbers, and Expiration Date
  • Individual products can be combined into product kits
  • Import inventory from third-party Excel or Access-based files

  • Technical Specifications
  • Each seat in a license is for an active concurrent user
  • Fishbowl Mobile Warehouse is a single-fee to integrate mobility with Fishbowl
  • Mobile Data Collectors with Mobile Warehouse installed use a seat in a license when active

  • 1.8 GHz processor
  • 256 MB RAM
  • 1 GB Disk Space

  • Downloads
    No downloads available for this product

    Standard Option
    FB-2Fishbowl 2-Seat License (Part Number: FB-2)

    FREE ground shipping
    FB-3Fishbowl 3-Seat License (Part Number: FB-3)

    FREE ground shipping
    Additional Models
    FB-5Fishbowl 5-Seat License (Part Number: FB-5)

    FREE ground shipping
    FB-6Fishbowl Inventory Software License- 6-Seat License (Part Number: FB-6)

    FREE ground shipping
    FB-7Fishbowl Inventory Software License - 7-Seat License (Part Number: FB-7)

    FREE ground shipping
    FB-8Fishbowl 8-Seat License (Part Number: FB-8)

    FREE ground shipping
    FB-S-1Fishbowl Inventory Software Single Seat Support Contract, Per Year (Part Number: FB-S-1)

    FREE ground shipping
    FB-S-2Fishbowl 2-Seat Support Contract, Per Year (Part Number: FB-S-2)

    FREE ground shipping
    FB-S-3Fishbowl Inventory Software 3-Seat Support Contract, Per Year (Part Number: FB-S-3)

    FREE ground shipping
    FB-S-5Fishbowl 5-Seat Support Contract, Per Year (Part Number: FB-S-5)

    FREE ground shipping
    FB-S-6Fishbowl 6-Seat Support Contract, Per Year (Part Number: FB-S-6)

    FREE ground shipping
    FB-S-7Fishbowl 7-Seat Support Contract, Per Year (Part Number: FB-S-7)

    FREE ground shipping
    FB-S-8Fishbowl Inventory Software 8-Seat Support Contract, Per Year (Part Number: FB-S-8)

    FREE ground shipping
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