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Epson FX-890

Starting At: $401.00
Epson FX-890
Epsonīs FX-890 impact printer will give your business the durability and uptime necessary to succeed. Rated at 52 million lines, the FX-890 is long lasting, with a printhead capable of printing 400 million characters before requiring replacement. The 80 column printer prints at up to 680 columns per second, keeping your invoicing or other tractor-fed operations running smoothly and quickly.

Technical Specifications
  1. Emulation: ESC/P
  2. Interfaces: Bidirectional Parallel, USB 1.1, Optional 10/100 Ethernet Interface
  3. Printing Method: 9-pin serial impact dot matrix
  4. Resolution: 14 dots per character
  5. Printing Speed:
    1. Ultra Speed Draft: up to 680 cps
    2. High Speed Draft: up to 559 cps
    3. Letter Quality: 104 cps
  6. Effective Printing Width: 80 column
  7. Printing Direction: Bidirectional
  8. Copies: 1 original, 6 copies
  9. Line Spacing: 6 lines per inch default
  1. Weight: 16.8 lbs
  2. Dimension (WxDxH): 16.3" x 13.8" x 6.3"
  3. Color: Gray
  1. Type: Standard continuous, friction fed or tractor fed paper
  2. Width: Up to 10.1"
  3. Thickness: Up to 0.18"
  4. Ink Ribbon: SO15329 black impact ribbon
  1. Print Head Life: 400 million characters
  2. Mean Cycles Between Failure: 20,000 POH
  3. Total Print Volume: 52 million lines (except print head)
  1. Power Supply: Internal power supply
  2. Input: 103.5 to 132 V at 50-60Hz
3 Year

File NameFile Type 
FX-890 FX-2190 Data SheetPDFDownload Here

Standard Option
FX-890 Impact Printer, Parallel, USB Interfaces, 80 column printing width, Color: Grey (Part Number: C11C524001)
Color: Gray
Interface: USB, MULTI

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Additional Models
FX-890 Impact Printer, Ethernet Interface, 80 column printing width, Color: Grey (Part Number: C11C524001NT)
Color: Gray
Interface: Ethernet

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6 Foot USB Cable, USB 2.0, A and B Ends, Color: White (Part Number: 13172)
Color: White
Interface: USB 2.0
FX-890 Printer Ribbon, Black (Part Number: SO15329)
6 Foot USB Cable, USB 2.0, A and B Ends, Color: Black (Part Number: 28102)
Color: Black
Interface: USB 2.0
Parallel Printer Cable, 6 Foot Parallel PC to Printer, DB25M/CENT36M (Part Number: 02302)
Color: Beige
Interface: Parallel
Ethernet Cable, 25-Foot [to connect printer to network switch or router] (Part Number: CBLCAT5-25)

Interface: Ethernet
Ethernet Cable, 100-Foot [to connect printer to network switch or router] (Part Number: CBLCAT5-100)

Interface: Ethernet
Push/Pull Tractor for FX-890 (Part Number: C800201)
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