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With a cordless barcode scanner, you gain additional freedom of movement not available with cabled handheld scanners. Available as 1D scanners or 2D imagers, these devices offer the same functionality as a cabled scanner, ensuring no loss in performance. Bluetooth radios in most of these scanners give you the added option of pairing to a smartphone, mobile computer, or laptop, providing advanced barcode scanning capabilities on the go.
Motorola LI4278
Starting at $398.00
1 at Outlet starting from $385
ION Linear Wireless
POS-X ION Linear Wireless
Starting at $255.00
Symbol LS3578
Special Pricing Available!
Symbol DS3578
Special Pricing Available!
1 at Outlet starting from $600
Symbol DS6878
Special Pricing Available!
Symbol LS3478-ER
Special Pricing Available!
Symbol LS3478-FZ
Special Pricing Available!
Symbol DS3478
Special Pricing Available!
Xenon 1902
Honeywell Xenon 1902
Starting at $803.00
2 at Outlet starting from $360
Voyager 1202g
Honeywell Voyager 1202g
Starting at $355.00
Granit 1911i
Honeywell Granit 1911i
Starting at $954.00
Xenon 1902 Color
Honeywell Xenon 1902 Color
Starting at $641.00
Honeywell 3820
Starting at $535.00
Unitech MS860
Starting at $382.00
Unitech MS380
Starting at $299.00
1 at Outlet starting from $205
Unitech MS840P
Starting at $275.00
Unitech MS842P
Starting at $429.00
Gryphon I GBT4100
Datalogic Gryphon I GBT4100
Starting at $435.00
Powerscan M8300
Datalogic Powerscan M8300
Starting at $955.00
QuickScan Mobile
Datalogic QuickScan Mobile
Starting at $382.00
Powerscan 7000BT
Datalogic Powerscan 7000BT
Starting at $899.00
PowerScan PBT7100
Datalogic PowerScan PBT7100
Starting at $691.00
PowerScan PM8500
Datalogic PowerScan PM8500
Starting at $877.00
PowerScan PBT9500
Datalogic PowerScan PBT9500
Starting at $582.00
Gryphon I GBT4400
Datalogic Gryphon I GBT4400
Starting at $530.00
OPR 3101
Opticon OPR 3101
Starting at $581.00
CipherLab 1266
Starting at $475.00
1560 Series
CipherLab 1560 Series
Starting at $333.00
Intermec SR61
Starting at $979.62
Intermec SF51
Starting at $776.00
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Discontinued Models
The following models have been discontinued and are no longer carried by POSMicro.com. In some casses accessories may still be available. We will try to list replacement models in the product description when available.

Datalogic: | QS6500 BT | Gryphon M100 Wireless | Gryphon M200 PDF Wireless
Honeywell: | MS1633 FocusBT | MS9535 VoyagerBT | 4820
Intermec: | SP1802 Vista | Sabre 1552
POS-X: | Xi3000-BT | XI3200BT
Symbol: | LS4278
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