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CipherLab Barcode Scanner

CipherLab´s barcode scanners feature the combination of features and economical pricing that make them a great fit for low volume retailers, up through industrial businesses.

CipherLab Cordless Barcode Scanner
CipherLab 1266
100+ Starting at $475.00
1560 Series
CipherLab 1560 Series
100+ Starting at $333.00
With a cordless barcode scanner, you gain additional freedom of movement not available with cabled handheld scanners. Available as 1D scanners or 2D imagers, these devices offer the same functionality as a cabled scanner, ensuring no loss in performance. Bluetooth radios in most of these scanners give you the added option of pairing to a smartphone, mobile computer, or laptop, providing advanced barcode scanning capabilities on the go.

CipherLab Mobile Barcode Scanner
CipherLab 1660
100+ Starting at $200.00
A mobile barcode scanner pairs to your mobile computer, laptop, iPhone, Android phone, or other Bluetooth-equipped devices, giving you advanced scanning in a small and economical design. These scanners are fantastic choices for mobile POS, small inventory management, or any application where you need to scan barcodes but donīt necessarily want a complete cordless scanner package. POSMicro carries a wide variety of mobile barcode scanners from great manufacturers including Motorola, Unitech, CipherLab, and Socket.

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