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Cherry Keyboard

A Cherry keyboard is the high-end keyboard choice for any POS system. Many Cherry POS keyboard models include relegendable and programmable keyboards, built-in magnetic card readers, smart-card readers and fingerprint recognition devices. Available in a variety of sizes and configurations, Cherry keyboards improve the efficiency and security of transaction processing.

Cherry Alphanumeric Programmable Keyboard
Cherry LPOS
100+ Starting at $125.00
Cherry MPOS
100+ Starting at $77.00
Cherry J84-2120
100+ Starting at $219.00
G84-5000 Series
Cherry G84-5000 Series
100+ Starting at $88.00
G83-6000 Series
Cherry G83-6000 Series
100+ Starting at $40.00
Cherry J86-4400
100+ Starting at $399.00
Cherry J84-4300
100+ Starting at $89.00
G81-7000 Series
Cherry G81-7000 Series
100+ Starting at $246.00
G81-8000 Series
Cherry G81-8000 Series
100+ Starting at $240.00
G80-8113 / 8200
Cherry G80-8113 / 8200
100+ Starting at $295.00
Cherry SPOS
100+ Starting at $115.00
Alphanumeric programmable keyboards provide the functionality of a Point of Sale Keyboard in a layout that almost all employees will recognize. Besides the standard QWERTY key layout these keyboards offer POS relevant options like integrated magnetic card reader or touch pad to streamline the POS and reduce the need for extra equipment.

Cherry Fully Programmable Keyboard
Cherry G80-1950
100+ Starting at $209.00
Fully programmable keyboards allow your employees to quickly enter repetitive data, saving them time and you money. These keyboards usually feature extra keys departing from the standard QWERTY layout, giving you the option of both general input and pre-programmed macros. POSMicro carries a full line of fully programmable keyboards available to meet your programming and space requirements.

Cherry Number Pad
Cherry G80-3700
Please Call For Pricing!
Cherry G84-4700
100+ Starting at $66.00
Number pads feature some programmable keys and are best suited for locations needing a conduit for data entry with a minimal footprint. Usually number pads offer additional functionality to a larger system but with their programmable keys they can also stand alone as the sole point of system data entry.

Cherry Non Programmable Keyboard
Cherry G80-11900
100+ Starting at $160.00
G83-14000 Series
Cherry G83-14000 Series
100+ Starting at $199.00
Cherry G83-6700
100+ Starting at $86.00
Cherry G81-1800
100+ Starting at $75.00
Cherry G84-4100
100+ Starting at $83.00
G84-4400 Series
Cherry G84-4400 Series
100+ Starting at $132.00
Non-Programmable Keyboards feature a high quality rugged design and optional peripherals such as integrated trackpads or magnetic stripe readers. The convenient integrated options present in some models can eliminate any need for a mouse or external card reader making these non-programmable keyboards ideal for kiosks, point of sale terminals or rack-mount stations.

Discontinued Models
The following models have been discontinued and are no longer carried by POSMicro.com. In some cases accessories may still be available. We will try to list replacement models in the product description when available.

Cherry: | G81-12000

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