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Mobile Card Reader

Mobile Card Readers connect to handheld devices, such as the Apple iPhone, to create a mobile payment solution. Whether the connection is via SD or CF slot, or proprietary headphone jack, these mobile card readers are a low cost method to implement mobile credit card processing at your business.

Which one do I need?

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MagTek iDynamo
Starting At: $130.00

iPhone/iPod card reader, ideal for mobile POS.

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ID Tech Shuttle
Starting At: $46.00

Vibrant colors and hardware encryption.

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UniMag Pro
ID Tech UniMag Pro
Starting At: $67.00

Compatible with smartphones including the iPhone.

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CF Mag Stripe Reader Card 4E
Socket CF Mag Stripe Reader Card 4E Starting At: $195.00
ID Tech UniMag Starting At: $44.00