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Posiflex CR3110 Cash Drawer

Starting At: $95.00
Posiflex CR3110 Cash Drawer
The Posiflex CR3110 cash drawer is a compact and durable metal cash drawer with a patented screw-less design to resist tampering. For maximum flexibility the CR3110s tray is equipped with adjustable coin and bill compartments and the cash drawer is available in printer driven or USB interfaces.

Technical Specifications

Physical Characteristics

  • Dimensions: 15.7" x 16.3" x 3.5"
  • Weight: 15 lb (6.7Kgs)
  • Bill Compartment: 5
  • Coin Compartment: 6 (adjustable)
  • Check Slot: Yes - Non-cash and Large Bill
  • Exterior Finish: Polyester Paint, Textured, Scratch Resistant, Black Color

Electrical Requirements

  • Solenoid Input: CR3110: 12VDC to 24 VDC @ 1 A, 100~200 msec.
  • Power Input (USB Model): 12 VAC @ 1 A
  • USB Interface: USB 1.1
  • Security Code: Through USB Driver
  • AC Adaptor Input: 120 VAC 10% / 240 VAC 10% @50-60 HZ
  • AC Adaptor Output (USB Model): 12 VAC @ 1.5A
  • Drawer Open Switch: Yes
  • UPOS Compliance: Printer Driven UPOS 1.7 / USB Model UPOS 1.8
  • WEPOS Certified (USB Model): Yes


  • Whole Set Function Test: MCBF CR3110 - 1,000,000 open-close/min. @ 2.2kg
  • Paper Note Clip Test: MCBF 1,000,000 cycles/min.
  • Key Lock Test: MCBF 1,000,000 cycles/min.
  • Control Board MTBF: 100,000 hrs


  • 3 Years Standard

File NameFile Type 
CR3110 Data SheetPDFDownload Here
OPOS DriversZIPDownload Here

Standard Option
Posiflex CR3110 Cash Drawer, Printer Driven (Cable Included), 15.75" x 16.14" x 3.35", Scratch Resistant, Color: Black (Part Number: CR3110L01)
Color: Black
Interface: Printer
Posiflex CR3117 Cash Drawer, USB Interface (Cable Included), 15.75" x 16.15" x 3.4", Scratch Resistant, Color: Black (Part Number: CR3117L001)
Color: Black
Interface: USB

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Additional Models
Posiflex CR3110 Cash Drawer, Printer Driven (Cable Included), 15.75" x 16.14" x 3.35", Scratch Resistant, Keyed Lockset 8011, Color: Black (Part Number: CR3110L01-8011)
Color: Black
Interface: Printer
Tray Cover For CR3110 Cash Tray (Part Number: TC3100)
Under Counter Mounting Brackets For Posiflex Cash Drawer (Part Number: UB3100)
Cash Tray and Tray Cover For CR3110 Cash Drawer, Five Bill and Five Coin (Part Number: CTC3100-US)

Interface: 5 Bill / 5 COIN
Cash Tray For CR3110 Cash Drawer, Five Bill and Six Coin (Part Number: CT3100-US)

Interface: 5 Bill / 6 Coin
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